enjoying the hiatus…

Much like the drivers and teams, I too am enjoying a little down time this week. Enjoying the lull in the action, the slowed activity in my inbox, and the uncramping of my fingers/forearms from the constant typing. (last weekend damn near killed me)

I’ve been catching up on emails, catching up on reading what everyone else has been writing, and apparently losing out in last minute negotiations for none other than p-dog! (funny dude that guy!)

I’ve also been taking advantage of the down time to clean out some of the massive folders of crap on my computer. (the “start up disk is full” errors prompted that one… ) You know you are in trouble when you have not one but 4 folders labeled with the word “junk”, too many to even name with racing themes…

Anyhoo… in one of those racing folders I found the following:

I guess I had taken a screenshot of the timing/scoring chart and saved it.

What an amazing day and moment in time.

What an amazing man.

*picture credit Champ Car World Series*

12 responses to “enjoying the hiatus…

  1. Thanks for the on-track photo. I downloaded it. Hope you don’t mind. I hope that you can work for Paul next season!

  2. He need’s to come back here instead of those tin-top’s in germany.

  3. Great photo. Did you take that?

  4. ha! no. That was probably off the CART website.

  5. That is a wonderful pic.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why tracks don’t have a retaining wall that separates pit in and out from the track. That crash should never have happened but it still didn’t change any tracks (that I know of in any case). I’ve seen the same thing happen in NASCAR where the consequences aren’t as big, but a ~180 mph direct hit isn’t going to be good no matter what you’re driving.

  6. That’s just far too logical…most tracks and sanctioning bodies don’t mandate a really needed change until a fatality occurs somewhere. Very little in the way of proactive safety moves, but lots of reactive stuff. Where was it that Jeff Gordon crashed this year, inside wall on the backstraight at the exit of turn 2…and now they’re calling for SAFER barriers there. Like they couldn’t see the potential until someone had a hard crash. I’m continually amazed at the number of openings in walls that have a pretty abrupt/acute angle compared to the trajectory a car would follow that might put them in that spot…like Gordon’s crash. Meesh, you’re up…start a petition or something!

  7. LOL! ya, in my spare time perhaps??? bwahahaha!

    In all seriousness though, I don’t think petitions really accomplish anything. Whether ten people or a million and ten people agree, the fact is, something needs to be done. A petition isn’t going to make that happen. A well thought out proposal and plan will.

    There are more eyes (in theory) focused back on the ovals, many of whom are/were Champ Car fans, who put safety at a much higher priority and were quite vocal about it. (layouts at street/road courses don’t seem to lend themselves to the same dangers)

    Maybe now track safety as well as car safety will come under fire.

  8. I sure hope so. I am sick and tired of seeing my heros killed or maimed. There will always be danger but some of it is so easy to avoid.

    I suppose another way to get something done is to have a driver’s organization. The NHRA has had one, although there were owners and drivers in the organization (PRO). Recently, the drivers themselves have decided to start another organization focused on safety, because they are tired of burying their friends. I don’t think such a thing exists in the IRL but maybe it should. Get on that, Meesh. (Don’t you love how we snap our fingers at ya as if you were a genie?)

  9. LOL! I guess I should be flattered by your confidence in my abilities… (as misguided as y’all may be!)

  10. Interesting Robin Miller teaser on Speed Report. Too bad that (presuming he’s right) Paul apparently won’t be at Sonoma, but good to hear it sounds like a deal’s in place for Detroit and Chicago. And the mystery is…who’s the owner he said is gone?

  11. ah, damn… I totally missed the SR. I’ve set my PVR to grab the repeat. (I’ll watch it over breakfast in the moring)

    was the teaser for Windbag? If so, he’ll probably repeat whatever he said then.

    hmm… I should shoot to the store now so I’ll be back on time! hehe

  12. Yep to the teaser being for WT.

    I guess Robin is co-hosting tonight? Cool. I hope Versus can get him a weekly one-hour show. (Of course, Speed would probably take issue with that.)

    Speed Report and WT are about the only shows on Speed that I really get my fix on. They’re both (almost) always worth watching.

    Run, Meesh, run! only 13 minutes left!

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