Windtunnel: “Back to School” edition…

It’s Miller time!!! “they’re nuts cuz racin’s full of hate, just like me”

Oh Robin… we all know you’re just a big cuddly tough talking teddy bear

On the Favorite racing moment of 2008!:
It’s the same as mine! PT’s return at Edmonton.
See… that’s why I love ya big guy!
(admittedly I’m floored that he chose that over The Princess “winning”)(*)

On the TV deal: makes a great point about lack of exposure for the series without The Speed Report and Windbag. Thinks that while the intentions are good (more shows, coverage, etc…) it’s a bad trade off to lose the viewership and that they need to be really vigilant in making sure that they are promoted on other channels so they don’t drop out of site like CC did.

On Ganassi: Wheldon not out of a ride… yet…

“trucks are for towing racecars…” LOL… classic.

On hall of fame choice: The Lesser. I love that he qualifies it, on DePAIN’s urging, that his vote is based on his actions as a driver on track. Not as a person out of the car, in which case he wouldn’t give him the vote. (a tend to agree)

oooh… a little AGR gossip… trying to buy out Kim Green (interesting), dumping the ALMS program (car would go to DeFerran) (interestinger!) and they would take over the A1GP program for the US, thus giving the brats a place to learn how to drive over the winter! LOL!

I’m thinking AGR promotions is looking to host the first N.American A1GP race. I’m also wondering if they are aware of the financial clusterfuck state that A1GP is in currently.

Ok… Miller is on break, they’re talking about Trucks… Zzzzzzzzzzz. (although I guess I should pay attention to what’s being said as Paul will be racing the last weekend in September in Vegas…)

Enough of that! Back from commercial with Miller!

Gives a little shout out to his bud Steve Shunk. (oh the fun and controversial games that friendship lead to last year…) More Napcar talk… blah blah… come on Dave! you’re wasting our time and Robin’s! Enough about the bumper cars, lets talk open wheel! ugh.. commercial.

On the Open Wheel ladder system: Can’t disagree with him on the state of the ladder system. Although he didn’t really offer up any insight or remedy. Did make an off hand remark about Atlantic’s going away though…

Having spoken to a few on the inside, the signals are mixed about that. I think there is a lot of wishful thinking, hoping it will survive somehow, but again to what end? it is a ladder to no where right now. It’s nice to think that now that it’s under IMSA that it will feed their top tier, but there aren’t a lot of open or rotating seats there. Unlike Open Wheel, where the seats get vacated due to age or seeking greener pastures, ALMS is the greener pasture/retirement home…

Ok… well… guess that’s it. Not the most scintillating Miller moment on Windbag… a few soundbytes, but that’s about it. Just goes to show you how fucking boring the state of open wheel is right now. Even Miller has nothing to lampoon.

Ok… guess I’ll see what’s going on in China…

13 responses to “Windtunnel: “Back to School” edition…

  1. Oh, splendid…A1GP? Put “the Princess” and Marco into an international arena? As if the rest of the world doesn’t already have enough disrespect for American drivers…perfect. Now they’ll get their (New Team Acronym?) ASS-es handed to them on an equally large platform in several countries.

  2. ok, i really lol when i saw the asterisk next to the PoP win!!!!

  3. LOL.. Steven, the quotes just didn’t seem to discredit it enough… 😉

  4. Mike, I’m looking forward to writing “ASS driver Marco Andretti” if that comes to fruition…

  5. Didn’t Michael learn his lesson about contesting international racing series before? (I hesitate to say he actually “competed” in F1). Besides, would he not get real snippy when John Watson continually refers to it as Team USA and not Team Michael.

    Despite the current state of affairs in A1GP (geez, where’d you hear THAT story), it is not a series for the faint of heart. It has its share of whiners and complainers (Germany’s Ammemuller – oops, did I say that out loud) so Michael might be quite at home, but it is all about national pride for a lot of these teams (even if most are fielded by British engineers and crew). Drivers disappear in a heartbeat if they don’t cut it and they get ripped in the international racing press. But hey, it could work (call out the troops, those damn Koreans just cut Marco off in turn one).

    But he did get our race back in Toronto…. hmmmm… Toronto, Andretti, A1GP … hmmmm

    Now wouldn’t THAT be an interesting summer double-header. 535hp Ferrari engined Panoz chassis on the street of Toronto.

    Hey, I’m just sayin’ …

  6. A1GP is a fun series, I watched the first two seasons but missed the most recent one. I’ll start watching again this year now they have decent cars.

    Partly to put one in the eye of Superleague Formula, which is a ridiculous idea for a series. I know plenty mocked the nations idea and it still has problems, but I loved it as soon as I heard of it – I even went to the inaugural race!
    Plus I want to keep watching Surfers Paradise and it looks like that’ll be an A1 race next year..

    My only complaint with A1 is that it could be processional and I’m worried an F1-based car will make it worse. Again I didn’t see last year so maybe they’d sorted some setups.

    Wasn’t Derrick Walker angling for the Team USA gig at the time of AOW ‘reunification’?

    A1 needs a North American round to truly be a ‘World Cup’. Elkhart Lake, maybe? Do they still visit Mexico?

  7. CJ: Actually I’ve heard from a few sources that A1GP is in a bad state. Not nearly as bad a state as Superleague though, let me tell ya… Their 5yr plan is wishful thinking from what I’m hearing. (hell their 5 race plan is wishful thinking at this point…)

    Whiners? Complainers? Well then the golden child and The Princess will fit right in over there.

    I did think of A1GP in Toronto as soon as I heard that actually, but I would imagine they will run it in the US somewhere before they would mount a CDN effort.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with AG Promotions if this buyout/split happens.

  8. Pat: there was nothing processional about A1GP last season! Some pretty exciting racing last year in fact.

    I know Derrick was looking (and apparently still is) at A1GP for this season, but I don’t think it was team USA specifically.

    I agree whole heartedly that they need a N.American round. The only problem is that they are a winter series, so it would have to tuck in either at the very beginning of their season or the tail end.

    Yes they race in Mexico. (that was one of the most fun races last year! Crazy!)

  9. Well I guess Jonathan Summerton will go down in history as the best driver to have ever competed in A1GP for the U.S team.

  10. I’d nominate Phil Giebler for that position but in reality they’re both great.

  11. Well, either way, once Whindretti and the Brats get in there, it’s all downhill…

  12. Yes, A1GP was pretty cool last year. While the Swiss were the best team last year, it wasn’t the total smackdown France had in season 1 or Germany did in season 2. I look forward to seeing how it works out this year as long as they are around.

    As far as Mikey, for a team owner, he was a heck of a driver (in CART).

  13. No it was pretty well balanced last season. Lots of great racing. Lot’s of battles. And if I remember correctly, the championship came down to the last or second last race. It would be a real shame if it goes away. It’s nice to have racing to watch over the winter.

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