Daily Archives: August 22, 2008

and so it begins…

So… According to Davey Hamilton, who allegedly got I straight from TG, there will be no PT in a car in any of the remaing races this season…
If this is the case I’m calling bullshit on this whole fucking scam of a situation.

I sincerely hope you took home a sweet paycheque for your spectacular effort in Edmonton Paul.
You smoked most of the field and proved all of the naysayers wrong.
I hope more than anything that it assuaged any doubts you may have been harbouring towards your own abilities.

All bets are off if this was some dog and pony show for the sake of one race.
My gloves come off in 3 races as it is. The “transition year” free pass expires then.

Don’t think you can pull the “throw a local in” bullshit next year either. I didn’t accept it in Champ Car when drivers were used and tossed aside for the sake of ticket sales, I sure as fuck won’t accept it on this side of the fence, especially when it’s my driver being flung about.

No time to put a deal together my ass. You have one of the best open wheel road racers at your service with two of three remaining races, one on the Canadian border, being road courses, and you can’t make it happen??? Funny… It was in full swing about 2 wks ago…

Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark