and so it begins…

So… According to Davey Hamilton, who allegedly got I straight from TG, there will be no PT in a car in any of the remaing races this season…
If this is the case I’m calling bullshit on this whole fucking scam of a situation.

I sincerely hope you took home a sweet paycheque for your spectacular effort in Edmonton Paul.
You smoked most of the field and proved all of the naysayers wrong.
I hope more than anything that it assuaged any doubts you may have been harbouring towards your own abilities.

All bets are off if this was some dog and pony show for the sake of one race.
My gloves come off in 3 races as it is. The “transition year” free pass expires then.

Don’t think you can pull the “throw a local in” bullshit next year either. I didn’t accept it in Champ Car when drivers were used and tossed aside for the sake of ticket sales, I sure as fuck won’t accept it on this side of the fence, especially when it’s my driver being flung about.

No time to put a deal together my ass. You have one of the best open wheel road racers at your service with two of three remaining races, one on the Canadian border, being road courses, and you can’t make it happen??? Funny… It was in full swing about 2 wks ago…

Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark

11 responses to “and so it begins…

  1. Allegedly? According to who, er… whom… uh… whatever.

    What I heard listening to Davey on the Webcast: a friend of Davey’s that knows PT was talking to PT and PT said that he hadn’t heard anything about a ride. Davey et al were discussing the rumor going around that TG was working on a deal for PT to run the last two.

    Davey’s own take on that was that he didn’t see how anything could happen at this point, because of short notice, etc. To me, this ignored the fact that Edmonton was done on short notice, and Paul is already fitted for a seat, has already run a race, etc.

    Short story: Davey was speculating based on PT telling a mutual friend that he hadn’t heard anything. I didn’t hear him attribute anything to TG.

  2. Mooooooooooose! (is that your way to poke fun at my being Canadian??)

    LOL… see that’s why I used the word allegedly. I only heard bits of stuff today as I was listening/watching on the QT at work, so I had to keep muting. So I’m getting piecemeal tidbits of info from others to fill in the blanks.

    Bottom line, I still call BULLSHIT due to the fact that, as you alluded to, Edmonton was short notice. The crew and the equipment are intact. He has the time, the willingess and the seat. He told people close to him a mere two weeks ago to clear their schedules for the last 3 races… (this is something that I was told from one of my own sources)
    So something was a pretty much done deal….

  3. What I heard was during the second practice session today, on the webcast…Hamilton said he had talked to TG during the breaks between sessions, and was told (as Davey put) that it wasn’t happening. In the morning session-cast, DH speculated that it was too little too late. In the afternoon, he stated it as a fact, as told to him by TG.

    The car was in road course configuration in Edmonton. If a deal was going to happen for Sears, it would have been the same. Detroit, ditto. ALL pieces were in place, the only possible exception being the money. The only changes would have been to get it into oval config for Chicago. It’s not like Vision Racing doesn’t know how to get the cars ready. It’s not like Derrick doesn’t run an extremely effective and efficient team. It’s been a while since Edmonton…I’m pretty disappointed in this. I was hoping for better. Perhaps you’re right, Meesh…maybe it was a deal to have a countryman in his country’s race. Whatever…it’s just another lost opportunity to make the series better…

  4. It’s pretty dire when you can’t come up with the money to sponsor one of your sports few huge names. But apparently that’s the case.

    To be fair, I don’t think it is for a lack of trying. Let’s hope this offseason gives them time to ink something. TG knows a permanent ride for PT (even if its just for one “retirement” year) would help assauge many of the CCWS fans until the car & engine redesign.

  5. Well, there ya go. I missed the last practice session.

    Bummer. I would’ve liked to see the “chrome horn” at Belle Isle. It’s a good course for that kind of thing!

    Bad thoughts: Does that mean Subway is getting cold feet? Is that a Versus fallout? Hope not.

    Countryman: I think the “countryman” angle is quite valid. At the presser for the PT/Subway deal Derrick Walker let slip with a remark that Northlands (Edmonton promoter) had been the one pushing to have PT race at Edmonton. I don’t see anything really wrong with that; business is business.

    And, really, I think TG has made the effort. The way the economy is right now, things are tough all over. I guess I’m not surprised another deal didn’t get done, but it’s still pretty disappointing.

    PT has to get a ride. He’s obviously competitive. He’s undoubtedly relevant. There’s two races in Canada next year. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    It’s kind of ironic that the person that stands to benefit the most from PT being in the series is Michael Andretti.

    Ponder that! 🙂

  6. Alces americanus, AKA “Moose.”

    A nickname given to me by a coworker many years ago. If I’d wanted to poke fun, I’d have probably gone with “moosebeer.”

    Suddenly thirsty… must not… drink… beer.

    Oh, what the hell. Cheers!

  7. Hey-whatever. He put in a hell of a drive and raised his stock Bigtime over what happened in Long Beach. I think everyone will be taking a much closer look than they would have if he didn’t get the ride.

  8. Cheers to you, Moose. I’m on my way to have a cold frosty beverage myself. Perhaps a Moosedrool…no kidding, a real genuine beer from somewhere around Wyoming or Montana…pretty good stuff.

  9. was there some IRL thing on toay? Funny, I’m at the track and barely noticed (except for having my media parking pass mean being further from the media center than my hotel – cause it wasn’t an IRL media parking pass)

    The Historic F1 cars are a dream to watch. Prettier (and looking much faster) than the IRL’s (and my god !! the Indy Lites sound like crap)

    Maybe tomorrow we’ll notice the IRL’s but we have our own fish to fry (that’s another story… winning pole and now having to start 15th)

    I’ll talk to some of the journo’s and get their take on the “PT situation” and let you know.

    Take care of Johnny-boy at Mosport tomorrow (you should be in bed already ‘case your ride likes to leave early). and let me know how qualies go (’cause I’m not getting up at 5 to watch)

  10. Crudmuffin. 😦

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