Perhaps someone could explain to me…


*and exhale*


Paul gave Vision their highest finish this year, on a street course no less, and has actually WON at this track. Yet no one could work anything out. Fucking bullshit.

Meanwhile Marty Sloth is spinning around out there like it’s his first day in the car.
Helio is running 1:13’s… Sloth is running 1:27’s!! What the fuck???


I will be a walking Paul Tracy billboard this weekend. All Monster/PT, All the time. Actually there will be a few of us. It’s our own little personal protest. At least the Monster green matches EJ’s car, so I’ll fit in hanging around his pits… LOL! If my main badboy ain’t there, I’ll cheer on the next generation!

2.5hrs till I’m released to enjoy my weekend. (then another 2hrs until my train leaves… but I’m traveling first class, so I get to hang out in a fancy lounge and get fed and stuff… sweet)

Will, of course, attempt to update frequently over the weekend. This will be my last event for the season (can’t do Chicago unfortch) so I’ll be soaking up as much as I can to get me through the off season…

Ok… back to watching practice.

Edit: the Sloth strikes again!! *falls over laughing cause the only other thing to do is cry out of frustration*

8 responses to “Perhaps someone could explain to me…

  1. There were only a few topliners left in CC when it died, not counting some promising midfielders. It is very frustrating to see two of those effectively sitting out the season (the other being Doornbos).

    Sometimes you wonder what these owners and sponsors have been taking, to make these decisions.

  2. Can I just qualify that, when I say ‘only a few’ there were at least 5 up there including Wilson, Power, Servia. The old depth wasn’t there, was my meaning.

  3. too late! no justifying!! *hehe* kidding.

    Just seeing what Paul was able to do with just a few days of seat time, makes me so angry as a fan to have been robbed of the entire season. And of course after watching BobbyD tear the tracks up all last year, watching him this year would have been a thrill for sure.

    If anything it should make the off season and spring training pretty amazing this year. With many more drivers than seats, (and talented ones at that) hopefully it’s a buyers market for the sponsors and teams as opposed to the drivers next year. I would like to see talent on track rather than talent writing cheques next season. ya know?

  4. No sponsor, no ride. That’s the law of the jungle, I guess. Subway didn’t see the value in continuing their sponsorship beyond the one race. Which brings me back to street/road race tv ratings, which suck. HENCE, no return on the sponsors’ investment. As long as ratings suck (and they always will for street/road races in the U.S.) Sponors will not be lining up. Sorry.

  5. I agree with that, PatW. At the very least, PT better be full-time next year (no “just Edmonton and Toronto” crap).

    If HVM can get another car, I’d love to see Doornbos in that seat. Of course, hoping for a 2nd car and actually having it are two different things so I’m not holding my breath on it happening.

  6. Thing is this race is being shown live on ABC. Not in the bowels of Espn. You would think that would make a difference.

    btw… newsflash, they ain’t so shit hot (the ratings) for the roundy rounds either. … just sayin is all…

  7. Evan, Wiggy has said that he’d like to go to a two car effort next season. (two + cars always makes more sense as you can combine data and equipment)

    I’ll see if I can niggle a little information out of him this weekend… πŸ˜‰

  8. Nice, meesh. πŸ™‚

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