Planes, trains and automobiles…(a travel log on the way)

Ok… so no planes this time, other than the ones that flew over head all day in preparation for the Canadian National Air show happening in my city while I fly the coop! Which is fine by me. I probably could have flown, but the added expense and inconvenience of airport locals, well… hardly time saving.

Trains? You bet! Train #79 Windsor bound from Toronto. Seat 5D. I’m in first class on this trip. I treated myself. Hey if you’re going to travel, even if it’s only a few hours away, you might as well make the most of it if you have the opportunity. I booked early enough that I was able to get the “supersaver” fare. On top of that I got a corporate discount, so I’m living large for half the price! Sweet! One of the first perks was the lounge to wait in. Since I had a bit of of wait between the end of my work day and my departure time, it was nice to have somewhere comfortable and quiet to chillax. A complimentary apple juice and free wifi and I’m a happy gal. Then we were called to board. Out we marched all relaxed and thirst quenched, past the long line of tired looking folks standing in the drafty corridor under the unpleasant florescent lighting. (I know this line well… I’m usually in it)
On to the train… It’s all dark and moody, like someone’s den. (I feel like I should be wearing a smoking jacket and holding a pipe!) Our seats are oversized with lots of leg room, and recline ridiculously!!

I have a window seat of course. I always take the window seat. I’m not a get up wander around pee every 20 minutes kind of traveler. I’m a kick off my shoes, curl up, wistful gaze out the window, ponder life kind of traveler. (if we ever travel together, I will fight you for the window seat!)
I usually have some sort of thoughtful music. (on the plane it’s to calm me down during take off and landing (I hide the headphones under my hair) and to drown out the constant noise of people and mechanical thingys. But the train is so pleasantly quiet, I’m kind of enjoying the dulled clacking of the tracks below.

Before we even pulled out of the station I had a snack in hand, had chosen my dinner (Pork tenderloin, with all the fixins) (comes with the ticket!) and had been offered a lap tray with a hard top and pillow bottom on which to place my laptop. (niiiiiiice) and now I am sipping my complimentary white wine while my dinner is being prepped. I may move in… just sayin is all.

Automobiles? but of course! the best kind in fact!! Race Cars!!! I got to watch the practice from my office this afternoon, made me a little angry to be truthful. I hate watching from my computer, knowing how close they are! Whatever the next job is, it will have a ‘Friday’ clause for race weekends. This two day crap sucks. It makes me panicky, like I have to fit it all in too quickly.

Did I mention I’m sipping chardonnay in first class on a train? Just checking…
oops.. have to stop typing for minute… my hot towel just arrived… hehehe…
and I’m back. My that was refreshing. (even gave my keyboard a little wipe down)

I don’t know what my “story” will be this weekend. I have to read through my notes. I’m open to suggestions if you have any… not that I promise to write about it, but you can suggest! LOL!

Ok… my dinner is here… more later…

edit: dudes… you have no idea how good that meal was. Pork tenderloin, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, the most yummiest dark sweet gravy… and an apparently bottomless glass of white wine. I’m a little tipsy to be honest! LOL! I’m now enjoying my dessert and coffee, and rumour has it they are coming around with an after dinner… oooh yes.. I see the Grand Marnier!! I’m going to fall off the train to in Windsor! bwhahaha!

edit: ok seriously. Not getting any work done. So full I’m going to explode. (just came by with truffles and more coffee) (they are going to have to drag me kicking and screaming from this train!!)
The best part is I get to do it all over again on Monday!! woohoo!

Ok… going to read my pre-race weekend notes… for real this time.

3 responses to “Planes, trains and automobiles…(a travel log on the way)

  1. you looks to be a die hard automobile fan.. are you?

  2. Hey Meesh… while you were on the train, Karina sent out an e-mail saying that Tags is in for Bernoldi this weekend… πŸ™‚

  3. lol! When I saw this at around 1am I thought you were bullshitting me, then I checked my email… needless to say I was still awake at 2am… me tired right now…

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