so… I’m confused…

In doing a little end of season, pre-season finale reading, I noticed a little anomaly in the stats.

I was under the impression that Long Beach was an IRL points paying race, just as Motegi was a points paying race. Thus the reason why teams/drivers weren’t allowed to run both.

So… here’s my quandry…

why the fuck are none of the transitional drivers credited with participating in that race or given the points? Seem’s like bullshit to me. If this is the case then none of the IndyCar drivers should get credit for Motegi, including Japanica. Fair is fair after all. Barring that, there needs to be an asterisk beside the names off all of all of the drivers that finish just ahead of each transitional driver, as given the points they would have earned in that race, they should finish ahead.

this is my rant for the evening. (too tired to write more at this juncture… brutal week)

Edit: Ok… here is one page of the pdf, with all of the stats. Note that all fo the transition drivers are missing a race. (and therefore all the points/laps/stats that go along with it)


9 responses to “so… I’m confused…

  1. Are looking at ESPN’s standings or where? I’m sure that is an error. They made a really big deal out of the fact that LB would reward ICS points.

  2. Ok… see I’m not imagining things!

    No this is from the IndyCar media site. They have a stat book pdf they put out prior to the race for the media. I’ve never really paid any attention to it before, but yesterday I was checking it out and realized how fucked up it is. Every stat is effectively off, from races run to laps run/lead, to everything! It’s bullshit. While it doesn’t effect the main championship, it sure as hell alters the rookie of the year championship.

  3. If you check the Indy car website and look up stats, on that list all the transition drivers but two received points for the Long Beach race and they are included in their totals for the point standings. The two who show zero, are Tags and PT. Don’t know why that is, but all the others are given credit, per the website.

  4. Well, that’s weird. Cause the stuff they give us in the media does not credit them with that race or those points. If I can figure out a way to upload this pdf I will…

  5. I thought it was confusing since the get-go that the only guys at LB who would be awarded IndyCar points were the guys who were confirmed to be running the rest of the IndyCar season (or a “large” part of it, as was to be the case with Dominguez’). What’s to lose by letting everybody who raced at LB score IndyCar points? Then, there’s no confusion. Is it because Franck Montagny’s 2nd place at LB would have placed him above Sarah Fisher in the end-of-year points standings? Is it becasue this way, the IRL can pretend that Juho Annala never competed in an IndyCar or any associated series? I just don’t get it. Now, you wind up with zeroes for Tags and PT at LB, which I see is still the case on the stats page today…

  6. Knowing your love affair with all things TSN, I thought I’d check their standings.

    Note all the “transition” drivers (BTW, I HATE that word) are shown as having one less start than the others.

    I don’t know the IRL points system, but I’d think that Servia and Power would be substantially higher in the standings otherwise.

  7. They did nothing wrong as far as tabulating the points including Long Beach. The weird part is the whole not including all other stats from that race on their page as well as not including drivers who only competed at Long Beach/those who did but were with another team later on.

  8. How can they have done nothing wrong if they haven’t included anything about that race??

    ie: how have the credited Will Power with the points for a win if they have not credited him with a win??

  9. That I’m still trying to figure out. My guess is that as a compromise between giving Champ Car a fond farewell (that broke with the DP lovefest after her win) and maintaining relevancy with the season given the strange circumstances that the stats for the race would stay with Champ Car but to make sure there’s some relevancy to the championship they awarded IndyCar points to those competing at Long Beach and the season.

    Frankly, it would have been MUCH easier to just do both and let the stats of the race count for both sanctioning bodies. What I just proposed was just what I think was the case. Regardless, it’s still unsatisfactory to me. Whether this was an epic fail on the IRL’s part or extenuating circumstances led to this discrepancy, it did feel a bit underwhelming.

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