Note to Helio…

Stick to dancing my friend, cause you SUCK as an actor!

What in the holy hell was that contrived mess?? Do they seriously have nothing better to do, like um, maybe, I don’t know… concentrating on possibly capturing the championship?!

Seriously, what the fuck was the point of that little display of masterpiece (more like masterbatory) theatre? They figured they weren’t gonna win anyway, so they thought they would play a little game of “I dare you to” with race control to create some doubt and controversy?

What’s the plan Stan? Get on some whacko alternative strategy from the start and hope for the big one to take out Dixon, then carve your way through the field for the win?
Wouldn’t that have been easier to do from say 5th place than from 28th??

I don’t get it. I like Helio. I thought he showed a lot of class last week following the race. But I don’t appreciate, as a fan or as media, being dicked around and toyed with. I don’t like someone intentionally making a mockery out of the race weekend or the series. There are enough people around who make it their life’s purpose to do that. They certainly don’t need any help from the teams or drivers.

Poor sportsmanship on the part of Penske and Castroneves.

Clearly they were hooked up this weekend. If Briscoe was able to knock off a 216 mph lap, then certainly Castroneves was capable of doing the same thing. Why not go out with a legitimate effort. 1 – 2 on the starting grid. Drive your ass off and go down fighting.

Personally any sympathy I may have had for Helio following Detroit is now but a distant memory.

Bullshit like this is not the act of, nor worthy of, a champion.

Good luck tomorrow Scott. Clearly the better man and better team will be hoisting the trophy on Sunday.


4 responses to “Note to Helio…

  1. I’m in the same boat. I like him, too (met him at the ESPN Zone in New York after his first Indy win and beat him playing “CART Fury”). I find this very puzzling. Even if Barnhart somehow didn’t punish them, as you said, they were fast and the maneuver may have just hurt their lap time. Granted, Goodyear said it so that might be wrong but yeah, that was plain silly.

  2. Pretty childish display. That was Helios way of punishing the league for what happened last week. He forces them to break something they want (the championship battle) with their own hands.

    Personally, I’ve always thought Helio was a head case.

  3. I don’t understand Penske’s strategy. I, too, found it to be pretty childish if their point was to see how far they could push Barnhart.

  4. Two things – first of all, Helio is Brazilian and therefore, no matter how genteel his outer facade is, he’s a Raging Inferno of Latino Passion (RILP, copyright 2008 yaumb holdings, inc).

    Second, Barnhart and the IRL must really be smarting about people inferring that the League is the pawn of the Captain and Co. because he has made it his personal mission to prove otherwise as publicly as possible the past couple of weeks.

    High drama indeed. Since, you know, they can’t actually manufacture any on the track these days…

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