you may think by my silence….

That I didn’t watch the race… but believe me I did!!

I did however miss the first 65 laps (I’ll spare you the “my boss is a bitch” rant but suffice it to say that I canceled my trip to Chicago to watch the race in person on the agreement that I would be able to duck out on the day and watch it on tv…) Anyway thanks to a helpful bartender & the free wifi at the Hilton Doubletree (Blatant Plug) across from the convention centre I was working at I was able to watch the rest of it and write and post my race report. Sadly live blogging it went out the window as time was of the essence. (I will likely watch it again this weekend just cuz…)

Man! What a race! Two drivers with everything to lose, most with nothing to lose, some swan songs, some “auditons”, a “meh” crowd, a few “are they out of their fucking minds?!” laps, and a couple of edge of your seat “holy crap if Helio crashes Dixon out there will be hell to pay” laps at the end. Oh and lets not forget the “clusterfuck” (waves at John) action in Victory Circle!

I still can’t believe the season is over. (save for the most AWESOME Surfer’s Paradise event, that is being disrespected and potentially sabotaged… but that’s for a different blog entry…)

So happy for Will finishing 5th in the race and for Oriol finishing in the top ten in standings. (although he should be higher up with his mysterious missing points from Long Beach)
Too bad for Justin not getting the ROTY (again, he should have it based on the missing points)

Moraes and Viso showed once again that they are both going to be a force to be reckoned with next season. Coyne pretty much let it be known that both his drivers are back next year. And when I spoke with Wiggy in Detroit, I threatened bodily harm if he didn’t bring my EJ back. hehe.

Favorite stat to come out of the race: With the 5 she lead, Milka Duno lead more laps than Japanica this year! BWHAHAHAHA! (thanks to Jeff at My name is IRL for making my day with that one!)

So now we have a ridiculously long break until Surfer’s (ahhh… just like the good old Champ Car days!) In the meantime, we have the wrap up of a few other series to follow along with. (F1, Atlantics, Star Mazda, FBMW, ALMS, Grand AM) oh and “The Chase!” how could I forget that!?

Don’t know if Tags will be doing anymore CTNS races, but if he comes back up, I’ll try to check it out.

I may… (maybe, hopefully) be road tripping to Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans. *fingers crossed*

If things go as planned, I won’t have to worry about getting the time off work as I will be finished with this job and on the hunt for a new one… again… a bloggy entry of a different nature…

Living dangerously… that’s my M.O.

Ok… more later…


8 responses to “you may think by my silence….

  1. So, what’s the story with the points situation. I thought that it must simply be a clerical error when you first posted, but that is a pile of steaming turd if Wilson didn’t get ROTY because of it. The teams and drivers must be pissed. I guess maybe it’s just a “whatever” situation at this point but that sucks.

  2. Seriously, what missing points? Long Beach points are showing up on this chart, and I even added Wilson’s points up myself, and it is accurate…

  3. See… that’s weird. Why give them points but not credit them with the event???

  4. You sure do alot of complaining and mudslinging with wrong facts. Wouldn’t the right thing to do be to correct your posts yelling about points not awarded? Or at least to post a retraction?

  5. says the guy complaining and mudslinging LOL! how rich! 😉 (smile dude, life’s too short to be so serious)

    Whether or not the points are correct (which I have acknowledged in the subsequent discussions via comments even though in some cases they are still are IMO, not correct) the stats themselves are still incorrect which leads to the confusion and conjecture on my part.

    Oh and newsflash, this is an unaffiliated personal opinion blog, not a press release or the front page of the New York Times. I don’t claim to be 100% right or factual 24/7.

    Thanks for coming out though! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. “Japanica”. LOL. Late to comment, I know…but you just pierced the gray with that one, Meesh. Yer Funny.

  7. Hehe… Can’t take credit for that one. Saw it used elsewhere and “adopted it” besides Flashinthepanica is too long to type out each time… 😉

  8. Maybe too long, but worth the effort. The truth always involves more work than the popular…

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