a happy accident…

I left my weekday alarm set (oops), so here I sat on a dank overcast Saturday morning, wide awake way too early wondering what my plan would be, when I realized that F1 qualies were on! Woohoo!

Then the broadcast started… woo! huh? Yuck! what a mess! This should be interesting.

First to get knocked out: Barrichello, Piquet, Nakajima, Button & Sutil.

Second session:
Kovalainen is a mad man! LOL! hanging it out there today like it’s bright and sunny.

It’s raining pretty heavy now. Everyone trying to get out sooner rather than later to get a good run in as the “dry line” is disappearing. Hamilton and crew rethink the intermediate tires decision and Kimi has an “OH SHIT” moment but manages to right it and keep it off the wall. (holy rodeo moment batman!)

ooh… Lewis does a nice job of holding on during that little spinny off.

it’s ridiculous on that track in places now. Serious standing water. Some of the heavy hitters and their teams got caught out during that segment waiting too long to make a run or making a bad choice (lets ask Lewis how he feels about the intermediate tires right now… )

Knocked out Q2: Kubica, Fisichella, Coulthard, Kaikkonen (!?) & Hamilton (!?)

Third Session:

Kovalainen came out quick right away. Visibility was horrible. Bourdais (who hates this car according to a quote in an article this week) managed to pull off 4th spot, despite the best spin of the day.

But when all was said and done, it was Webber 3rd (waves at Gary) Kovalainen 2nd, and Vettel on pole… in Monza… in a Toro Rosso.

bwahaha! 3 Red Bull cars out qualify Ferrari… what???
Glad I saw it with my own eyes.

Ok… going to take myself out for breakfast now.


11 responses to “a happy accident…

  1. Man, we were so close to seeing Bourdais talking to Windsor. 😦

  2. I know!! Poor bugger. Damn you Webber!!

  3. It was a great session and it should set things up nicely for tomorrow! Our commentary was saying if they get these conditions in the race they’ll throw out the safety car. I hope it doesn’t come to that, though they forecast it as dry.
    Between the F1 and the bikes at Indy we have yet another excellent weekend of racing!

  4. don’t forget Atlantics and Star Mazda are running this weekend too! John Edwards just gave me a birthday win in the first of two SM races in New Jersey and Skerlong is on provisional pole for tomorrows Atlantic race. (only 3 more this season)

  5. Maybe Seabass will save his job yet! They’d be stupid to fire him.

  6. Red Bull has a proven track record of stupidity… hopefully this instance won’t be one of them…

  7. For once, just once, I’d like to see Webber’s race result improve on that of his qualifying effort!!! Wishful thinking I know………Prove me wrong boy, prove me wrong!!!

  8. I don’t think he heard you… or was up to the challenge…

  9. Never does listen……Probably never will….

  10. LOL! hey whats the word on the magazine article my friend? do I have photo credit bragging rights yet?

  11. Hey Meesh, all is looking good I’m told, I’ll email when I get more time……so keep checking your ‘junk mail’ folder…..;)

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