F1: Monza *Live* race blog

Well, this is not the race weekend everyone planned for I’m sure.

They’ve decided they are going to start behind the pace car which is pretty smart in these conditions. Rainy, foggy, messy… yuck.

Bourdais stalls in pitlane! Oh MAN. Talk about shitty luck. All that hard work yesterday for naught.

Vettel certainly picked a great week to get pole. That boy is pulling away and not looking back.

Rooster tails for everyone!! Holy zero visibility batman.

Remarkably only on spin so far (Glock) but he kept it going. A couple of chicane cutters, but they got back on following “proper proceedure” and kept going. Speaking of which they are still going through the appeal process for that ridiculous ruling on Hamilton last race.

The best battle is between Fisi, Kimi and Lewis mid-pack. Fisi held them off for quite a while, but Kimi finally got around him. Once that happened, Fisi had a target on his back and despite the blatant blocking, Hamilton got him on the next turn, then went about picking off Kimi. The commentary from the booth was priceless.

Nice little back and forth between Massa and Rosberg.

oops… Fisi into the back of Coulthard. DC look like he came to a stop, cripes! Fisi had nowhere to go. Oh, well, that’s not good. She done blown up sir! Fisi into the tires now. Day is done.

Hamilton continues to pick off drivers on track with stellar passes, braking and cornering.

Vettel in for his first stop. Fuel and rain tires. Not taking any chances.

Massa pulls off the fastest lap of the race.

Woah! that was close. Hamilton gets his bestest buddy Alonso but by a hair! That could have been ugly.

Here comes the rain again.

Glock is driving well today, he just got Alonso as well.
Who is not driving well? Kimi. He is still mired in midpack.

festival of pitting! Massa, Webber, Kovalainen… and that’s all I could catch.

Hamilton sets fastest lap. Toro Rosso notices…why? Hami is up to 2nd. From 15th.

Hamilton comes in for his pit stop finally. He should be able to run to the end now. (everyone ahead of him has to make another stop) Could he win this thing??

Tire strategy may come into play by the end of the race.

Toro Rosso has put Seabass out on Intermediates to gather info for Vettel. (I’m sure Seabass appreciates that…LOL)

Back from commercial we hear that a bunch of cars pitted. weeeeeee… Massa is hydroplaning out there on intermediates. Webber does a balletic spin and keeps it running.

Vettel in for this final stop. Fuel and intermediates. Oooh Hamilton changes strategy and comes in for intermediates. Everyone is slipping and sliding but holding on .

Button and Piquet do a little Nascaring into the corner. That was ugly and uncoordinated.

Hamilton made the right choice apparently, as he is peeling off blistering times.

LOL Heidfeld is not making it easy Massa to get around, and Hamilton is stalking them both directly behind.

Back with 12 to go!

Looks like Massa cut the chicane, but no call… *mocks surprise*

Nakajima holding off Kimi (?!) with Glock all over his ass end.

Coulthard does a little off roading.

Kimi sets fast lap, but is still stuck in 10th.
Webber counters with fast lap.

Hamilton can seem to make any ground up now. Perhaps the car ran better on the rain tires?

commercials coming fast and furious now…

Kimi sets fast lap again! (still not a factor in the race however)

3 to go Vettel leading. Something looked sketchy there. Maybe just odd timing on when the camera caught him. Nakajima and Coulthard get together. Debris on track.

OH, Massa runs right over the debris!! this is NOT a good time for a puncture.

Final lap! Hold on to it SeaVet! Nice avoidance of the debris there! Sweet win for the child.

Vettel, Kovalainen & Kubica. Kimi gets fast lap on his final.

Just how tall is Kubica?? He looks Justin Wilson tall compared to Kovi and Vettel.

Can I just say that Vettel’s driver suit looks ridiculous?

German driver/Italian manufacturer… hmm… why does that sound so familiar?

Well spoken and composed for 21 yr old who just won his first F1 race. Good for him.
LOL… as I type that he starts to choke! bwahaha

So… two weeks until the next one huh?… *sobs into hands* I hate the end of the season.

Ok… gotta go find out how second qualifying for Atlantics went now.


2 responses to “F1: Monza *Live* race blog

  1. Great result, don’t think many can complain about this one.

    I think the Red Bull and Toro Rosso driver suits are the best-looking out there! Better than that shiny ‘corporate logos must be millimetre-perfect’ McLaren suit.

    Being in Canada did you watch Speed or TSN? TSN takes the UK commentary, just wondering if you find that too Hamilton-biased – ‘cos we sure do.

  2. If someone would have told me before the season that Vettel would be within striking distance of Fernando Alonso in the championship this late in the season, I would have laughed.

    That stinks for Bourdais or they may well have gone 1-2.

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