*blows dust off*

So… It has been brought to my attention that my blog has been inactive for longer than normal, causing the dt’s for some of you! Sorry bout that!

Not only am I acutely aware of that fact, but ironically I have all the time in the world to pen my thoughts these days having escaped the hell that was my day job. (Yes kids, my last day was Friday… Hallelujah)

See the thing is I haven’t felt much like writing really. Lots of things swimming around in my head of course, (always is) but nothing of any inspiration to keep y’all entertained. Actually, truth be told, I’ve been brain purging in my personal blog for a few days, clearing the cobwebs so to speak. (Saving all you racing blokes the horrors of the inner personal thoughts of the Meeshster!)

I guess I just needed a wee break to decompress post racing season. (Not that it’s over yet other than Lights) That was a lot of writing to keep up with all by my lonesome most weekends this summer, while holding down two jobs. (Between here and the website, covering 4 sometimes 5 series in a weekend)

So now we (OWW) are deciding whether or not we will continue in 09 and to what extent. (I’m sure we will)

No worries, I’ll be continuing here, at least I plan to… I guess it depends on my job situation.
I don’t know the logistics of writing an opinion blog if I actually become employed by a team. I guess if it’s in a different series I’m safe… Not that I think one should be required to lose their voice once employed, but I’m sure my future employers would feel differently.

Yes, I’m going to try to get an actual job in racing. Imagine that.
With one friend threatening bodily harm if I don’t pursue it, (hello mate!) and another telling me he thinks it’s my destiny, and my own gut telling me I will never be happy unless I’m at a track every weekend, it’s time to grow a pair and go after the dream.
So.. If anyone knows of any openings, please feel free to contact me. Likewise, if anyone wishes to be a reference, feel free as well! LOL!

Anyway, this week has been decompression week. (Not to mention season premiere week!!!)(Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a TV addict?) Lot’s of thinking, and walking and cleaning my apartment and sleeping and finding myself again. Regrouping so I can move forward with a bit more of a stable foundation.

I will get back to writing about racing post haste, I promise. I still need to review the season, the teams, the drivers, etc…

So, there ya go…

Ok, ok a little racing talk before I go:

FIA ruling… *cough* bullshit *cough*

Answer: Red Bull
Question: who won’t be getting X-mas cards from Seabass & Wallmendinger?

AJ Wallmandinger: “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?, thanks for coming out, don’t let the door hit you on the way by.” Brutal. Hope he was smart and put a good chunk of cash into a savings account.
(I couldn’t even type that with a straight face… I’m sure his ‘advisors’ were smart though… )

Conquest racings new marketing partner is taking an interesting approach. Market an unsigned driver with the hopes of attracting sponsorship so they can actually sign the driver in their marketing brochure… Ok then… that’s an interesting choice.

alright, I just got back from the recording studio and have a couple of hours of tv to catch up on!


13 responses to “*blows dust off*

  1. Thanks for a little food, Meesh. Looks like I may be coming back to a blog again soon.

    Recording studio…did I miss something that everyone else knows about already? What exactly are you recording?

    Tags in at Conquest, Yay! That’s one part of the package filled. Now to push and pray for the other Canuckdian to get in somewhere…

    Sounds like the ‘dinger may have something else on tap…maybe a year of humility as he sits in a pit stall somewhere might make him reconsider the Big Goof he made. Can’t help but wonder if Gerry Forsythe’s tantrum and screwing of PT was, in part, some supressed hostility over Allmendinger’s apparent lack of appreciation for GF saving his ass after his dismissal from RuSport…

  2. Good to hear from you again. I pray that you get a full-time job in a team if that’s where your heart and mind lie- that’s your PASSION. You shouldn’t havta try to get time away from a reg’lar job and pay your way to go see some races. BTW, I like your reporting on OWW.

  3. Thanks for the update, I wondered where you’d gone. Good luck with the job-hunting, I hope the upswing in IndyCar makes that easier than it once was.

    I also enjoy OWW although we shall have to have words about the flags on the Drivers & Results pages!

    Oh just one request… don’t you dare mention anything to do with Heroes! I don’t know if that is in your TV premiere list, we are getting it on an 8-day delay rather than a 6-month delay this season so we’re pretty excited over here! Starts Wednesday..

    So yeah… recording studio?

  4. Mike: You’re welcome 🙂

    Tags isn’t “in” yet. Until he lines up on the grid in St. Pete’s or an official announcement is made, he is not signed for 09.

    I whole-heartedly agree (and have probably mentioned it here a few times) that the beginning of GF’s losing his mind with regards to racing and his team was when he got screwed by Allmendinger. (or Allmendinger’s “people”) He just never seemed the same after that, and the team began to fall apart.

    Brian: Thank you and thank you!!

    PatW: I’m hoping it will too. Ironically the leads I have currently are actually not in Open Wheel… *figures!*

    Oh, do tell about the flags! The Dutch fella’s take care of all the nuts and bolts of the site, so sometimes things get lost in translation. Damn. Seriously, let me know. I’m going to be spending a good chunk of time over the hiatus cleaning up the site.

    I promise not to reveal any Heroes spoilers! (and yes it is pretty much on the top of my list!!)
    I actually watched the 2hr premiere twice! (we just got in on Monday) hehehe! Holy crap! so good.

  5. oh, ya, the recording studio thing…

    Well, my previous life, before I started living out my racing dream, was spent as a professional singer. I guess I still am (as I still get paid for it) but just not as a fulltime career. Last night I was laying down some back up vocals for a CD.

  6. Wow…that (the singing) sounds like as much fun as working in racing! Plus it sounds like it would be much more lucrative, at least for the uninitiated (that would be me) among us. Sounds like the singing could in fact fund a racing tour in the event that one of the more capable writers doesn’t pick up a full time ‘ride’ over the winter, eh? We’ll all keep hoping, praying, and looking as best we’re able

    The Tags thing (the Conquest marketing packet) is fairly misleading then, yes? And still no word about PT having anything lined up…but it is still only September. Hell, they haven’t really completed the season, technically. Patience, son…

  7. LOL! see, I’m the perfect hire! I can write the race and driver PR reports, set up and cook the meals for hospitality, then entertain the sponsors while they eat. Oh and photograph it all at the same time! *snicker*

    btw, it’s only lucrative if you’re Millie Cyrus (they just reported on ET that she made 87 Million last year) (ya, I threw up in my mouth a little too) I made a comfortable living (read: paid the bills) but that’s about it. ( and I still had to supplement along the way)

  8. What’s amazing, Meesh, is that I’m a very amateur composer (GarageBand is my friend) who is in desperate need of a vocalist at some point when I actually finish a song. I’ll be sure and shoot you a demo one of these days to complete my abject musical humiliation. 🙂

  9. With the flags, you’ve got the British flag alongside the word ‘England’. Guaranteed to annoy the Scottish among us! I should know, I lived there for 9 months and had it drilled into me by the natives!
    It assumes England is the same thing as Britain, which it ain’t. Either have that flag with Britain/UK, or use the constituent nation flag (England/Scotland/Wales/NI). Officially ‘UK’ is correct but everyone just says Britain.

    Those crazy Dutch should know. 🙂

    You could be the Official IRL Singer Person.. do a few songs before the race.. Better than Gene bloody Simmons I’m sure!

  10. ok… so in your humble opinion, what’s the more politically correct *and least offensive* solution? Change the description to United Kingdom for all? or change the flag to the proper red/white stripey one?

    (and yes those crazy Dutch should know!)

  11. Oh and Yaumb, I look forward to hearing your track!

  12. … and clears out the cobwebs ….

    just recovering, I mean “returning” from Vegas and the banquet. Season over last Sunday and we are (officially-unofficially) testing in a week. Then it is off to Daytona for official testing in 4 weeks. There is no off season.

    But yes, it was a final race weekend of sorts last Sunday (before blitzing Las Vegas), even though WSR is in Estoril and FBMW is at New Jersey this weekend, A1GP is in Zandvoort and ALMS, Mazda and Atlantic at Road Atlanta next weekend.

    Fingers crossed for Robbie this weekend at Estoril. I’ll follow FBMW just because I have to. A1GP… nobody I want to watch. Mazda …. but I don’t want top leave on Sunday with the team after a full day of marketing meetings. Atlanticszzzzzzz (At least Eric was smart enough not to get in a car at Miller)

    Hidden talents eh? Surprised a few people myself this weekend (Vegas was interesting).

    So, do I really consider firing a few clients (because I know they won’t pay me enough – if at all) or just how badly does one want to work (the less they pay, the more they demand).
    We can talk about that.

    Interesting how a number of people I chatted with over the last few weeks consider working in motorsports “their retirement”. Sold off businesses, quit jobs, just to travel as an official, hang with a team, whatever. Why? ‘Cause it’s what they love to do. I guess I concur (as he wonders if he’ll get any sleep over the off season – considering he didn’t get much in Vegas, but that is another story)

    Call me tomorrow afternoon. I’m at the shop in the morning helping unload the hauler to get it ready for a “special trip”. And yes, there will be another “delayed” press release. Timing is everything and you know I hate it when stories get buried.

  13. IMHO: If it were me, I’d use keep the flag and use United Kingdom / UK. It’s fine to refer to them in news reports as British or their component nation in the same way Lance Armstrong is both American and Texan.

    There’s a thing in the media here where any Scots athlete is called British when doing well and Scottish when doing badly!

    Sorry to be picky but it can be a big deal for us. 🙂

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