Motorsport musical chairs…

I just keep picturing the field of IndyCars lined up on the grid, with music blaring from the loud speakers, and dozens of drivers suited up, carefully and suspiciously, darting around the cars, then scrambling clumsily into whatever cockpit is in proximity when the music stops.

So begins Silly Season Seat Watch 2009.

Holy crap. I was just finally starting to figure out who the hell everyone drove for and what their numbers were. (hey, gimme a break, I was a ‘transition fan’) Now I gotta start all over.

So, since the season ended (which really it hasn’t “officially” ended as there is still another race and a banquet to be held) we have seen some interesting, if somewhat shocking driver exchanges.

Franchitti (back from the Abyss) to Ganassi (ousting Wheldon)
Wheldon to Panther (ousting Meira)
Meira to Foyt (ousting Manning)
Manning to… ????

I am just starting to tabulate the 09 Silly Season list of who’s in, who’s out, who’s knocking on the door, who doesn’t stand a hope in hell… (it’s one of my projects for the weekend)
Here’s what I do know however… there are a hell of a lot more drivers who will be looking for seats in 09 than there will be cars available…


6 responses to “Motorsport musical chairs…

  1. Let’s ‘Will’ this one into being…

    KV racing announces expansion into three car team in merger with Walker Racing. Paul Tracy has been signed to drive the third car. Subway and Monster Energy Drinks to sponsor. Tony Cicale to engineer.

    It could happen…

  2. Can’t see Walker and KK playing nice after this year’s bait and switch.

    I’d like to see Walker not ride on the coat tails of anyone else. Just go it alone, with good people and some solid sponsorship, and a stellar line up of drivers.

    Tracy/Subway/Monster/Cicale… has a nice ring to it.

  3. I know this is insane, but don’t destroy my dreams:

    Walker goes it alone and fields three cars. Drivers.. PT , AJ, and Bourdais…

    I’ll take my meds now.

  4. I like your fantasy, Mark. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, your dream is true as long as you sleep, heh.

    It’s a long offseason. We might as well enjoy it. I know I will :D.

  5. PT, AJ & Bourdais!? Bwhahaha! more like a nightmare!! you boys are cracking me up!

    and yes Evan, a looooooooong off season.

    At least it won’t be months of speculating about the whether or not one of the series will “die” or whether or not there will be a merge. For the first time in many years we can actually talk about drivers and teams and moving forward and growth.

  6. Yes, that is quite refreshing. πŸ˜€

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