Singapore GP *Live* race blog

It’s 7:30am here and yet it’s dark there… well, not really dark. (more on that in a minute) It’s the direct opposite of what we will experience at the end of next month when we are staring at the television in the middle of the night to  watch the race from sunny Australia (IndyCar, not F1, sorry don’t mean to be confusing)

First shot is a cattle drive of humans walking. HOLY CRAP! Look at the people! My claustrophobia immediately kicks in then I’m relieved I’m an IndyCar fan and will never have to worry about a crowd like that… but I digress

The lighting looks incredible. When I watched qualifying yesterday, I couldn’t figure out where the light was actually coming from. Today I was able to see it finally. Reportedly it’s 4x’s the level of lighting of a normal night time stadium game. It’s pretty awesome. No glare, no dark patches. Digital flags even! LOL! Cutting edge stuff man…

Peter Windsor is doing his thang on the grid.

Flavio is too cool for school as usual, rocking the tinted lenses

Kas Nakajima gets major airtime! I don’t even know if I’ve spelled that right as I’ve never had to write his name before.

Jackie Stewart! word!

LOL… Peter gives Webber big ups for being the first one to hit the wall.

Everyone keeps saying it’s really hot, which is playing tricks with my mind as it looks like it should be cool.

Nelson Piquet should never play poker, his face is full of angry tells. Varsha sums it up nicely.. “this is supposed to be fun kid!”

I can only imagine how beautiful the cars look under the lights. (or on an HD tv, which I don’t possess…)

It’s pretty incredible that this is a first time course and a first time night race. Damn… talk about go big or go home.

One lap around with Massa as they begin their installation lap. Interesting. I’m thinking very few passes and lots of wall kissing.

Thousands of camera flashes going off. I have to laugh at the ones going off from the buildings surrounding the course. Do they really think that’s going to help from that distance.

And they’re off! Massa says “see ya!” Lots of smoke or dust or something, but everyone is through cleanly.

wow… I never thought I’d say this, but the cars look slow from some of these camera angles.

replay of the start and we finally get to see some of the tussling that went on. The 2 K’s did a little bumper car action with Kubica getting away out front.

Zoinks! Rosberg does a banzai move on Trulli through the corner, but can’t make it stick, and Trulli gets it back.

The pit guys on the radio stating the obvious “you’ve got to get around Trulli” LOL! As a driver I’d be like “no shit sherlock!”

Massa is running his own race, bottoms out on a huge bump, sparks everywhere! There are a couple of packs of drivers on track now. Passing is not an option apparently.

Debris! Big chunk of something off someone. No car’s in a heap anywhere though. It’s a local yellow. Ooh… Webber just hit whatever it was. Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark. (ooh.. punny! LOL)

Back from commercial and we hear that Massa drove over the debris, and sucked it up like a vaccuum. Much concerned looks from the pits.

Rosberg get’s it done! Destroys his tires in the process, but gets by Trulli. Alonso gets it done a couple of corners later. (wait, shouldn’t Trulli be getting faster as he gets lighter?)

Kimi sets fastest lap. (seems to be his thing every race now)

Massa, Hamilton, and Kimi are waaaaaaay out front, all on their own.

5 more laps until pit stops


Seabass into the run off. Keeps it going. Varsha takes to the opportunity to give Paul Newman a shout out (I’m instantly sad again… ) and they run an audio interview of Windsor and Bourdais from yesterday.

We are brought out of that touching moment with the picture of a car pancaked into the wall.

Yowza! Piquet HARD into the wall. The replay shows him spinning awkwardly, then the ass end shoots around and smucks the wall. This will take a while to clean up.

Safety car.

Panic starting now. “save fuel” being screamed to all. Pits are closed, but some are ducking in anyway as they are on fumes.

Barrichello done blown up sir. Lot’s of perplexed faces.

Lot’s of clown car action out there. (werd to P-dog)

Pitlane finally open. Wow, that’s a tight entry!

Oh MAJOR clown cars in the Ferrari pits on that one!! With Kimi on his ass waiting, Massa drives away with the entire fuel hose. Takes out a crew member, sprays fuel everywhere. Manages to stop himself at the end of pitlane and waits for his crew to come a remove the hose. (wasn’t looking like it was gonna happen for a sec) Massa (well, Ferrari actually) throws away the win and valuable championship points

Rosberg leads, (but has a penalty coming) Hamilton is somehow down in 9th?! WTF? Of course we have no idea what happened on pitlane as we are at the mercy of the international broadcaster and what they wish to show. *shrug*


Rosberg is still leading, but they are just now going through all the stewards reports. LOL… wow.. it’s a festival of penalties coming up! Rosberg, Kubica, Massa so far under investigation.

Massa serves his drive through. Rosberg and Kubica are fined with a 10 sec stop and go. Rosberg trying to pull out more of a gap before serving.

Alonso is in the catbird seat right now. He’s in 5th, two cars ahead of him have to serve a penalty and the other two have yet to pit. The championship leaders all had lobotomies on that last pit stop and threw away the race, so… You may win this one yet Ferdie!


We return with Kubica in the pits serving his penalty. Webber has a brain fart, loses a bunch of positions coming back in line.

Rosberg in for his penalty. Damn, that must feel like the longest 10 seconds ever. Comes back out in 4th. Good boy.

Hamilton is trapped behind Coulthard, who is driving like he’s pulling an anchor.

Fisi is in for his first stop finally. Christ, he puts in enough fuel to get to the end of the season.

Webber is done sir! They just turned him around in the pits, and pushed him into the garage.

Trulli is flying out front now all by himself.

Massa in for another stop. Much kibitzing about whether his engine will survive the race.

We are now at the halfway point, and concerned with the time. Will we get all the laps in during the broadcast? Will I get to see the end of this race??

Trulli finally in, comes out in 8th in front of Nakajima, and despite being super heavy now manages to hold him off.


Alonso in the lead, followed by Rosberg, Coulthard and Hamilton.

Nakajima gets er done! Gets around Trulli. Kimi follows suit. (with less tire lock)


Back with Rosberg in the pits for final stop. Comes out in 7th, clean track ahead and behind.

Renault is preparing for Alonso’s stop. Much breath holding happening.

ooh… manages to come out in the lead. Hamilton finally gets around Coulthard, and he’s going to have to try to make up some track position. Both come into the pits for their final stop. Hamilton in and out clean. Coulthard problems in the pits. Premature evacuation. Boys boys boys. Lots of pit crew mess ups tonight.

Kimi pushing a little too hard.

Alonso’s team tells him “not to panic”  LOL… In other words, hold it together boy, this race is yours to lose.

Someone just passed on track, but the boys were too busy yapping to say who it was. LOL.


Alonso still out front. Rosberg is losing his brakes apparently. Kimi up his gearbox. Hamilton in 4th. (Kimi still has to pit)

oh oh… Trulli is slowing, but still running. Not a good sign. Kimi smartly dives in and gets his final stop in, comes out in 5th.

woah!? that was messy! Massa (?) spun and touched the wall in the run off, came out of the run off in front of Sutil, who drove straight into the wall.

Safety Car. This will get interesting now kids. (so much for that 17 second lead huh Ferdie?)

(commercial for clean up)

9 to go, Safety car in this lap, much stomach acid building along pitlane.

Will Alonso throw it away? Will Hamilton play it safe or go for the gusto? What role with Rosberg play?

green green green. Alonso shot out of a cannon. Rosberg slow off the start. Lewis balls to the wall.

Wow, that one camera angle is just horrible! It makes them look like they are driving 5mph.

Lots of skidding and locking up midpack.

7 to go.


Oh Kimi… Lost the ass end on that one and smucked the wall. He’s done sir! (4 to go)

Ok… full disclosure here. I got up a bit late, so I’m watching this on my PVR, and am now convinced I will not get the end of the race. (note to self, you should know better than to not tape the program immediately following the race…)

2 to go. Alonso is running away with it. Rosberg still in it. Hami in 3rd not pushing it.

1 to go! The crew running to the wall to celebrate (the phrase chickens and hatching comes to mind)

UGH! and that’s the end of the program. Fuck. LOL! *scurries off to*

So, all’s well that ends well. I guess I’ll see what silly pose Ferdie struck on the Speed report night.

Impressive run for Rosberg. Drive of the race IMO.

Hami collects a couple o’ points and gives himself a teeny tiny buffer.

Alrighty then, off to enjoy my day. If you aren’t aware, a good portion of the Speed Report and Wind Tunnel are going to be devoted to Paul Newman tonight, so be sure to tune in.

A google search of Paul Newman in the news section will bring up a plethora of the most amazing articles on the man and his effect on many peoples lives. Take a moment and read some of the stories. Very inspiring. He was an incredible man and his loss is being felt by many in all walks of life.


8 responses to “Singapore GP *Live* race blog

  1. Paul Newman was such a badass. I love the fact that he raced into his late 70’s-(early 80’s?). He did it for love. I work at that cancer center, and it sent chills up my spine to know that I might have walked by him one day and not have known it. Cancer sucks balls.

    F1-Is it me, or is it time to change F1’s silly one pit stall rule? It has always seemed stupid to me, but when you run on a street course, you’re going to get full course cautions that require having a team for each car.

    Also-Wow. Why can’t we have a road course like that?

  2. wow. that just made the hair on my arms stand up.
    and yes, Cancer does in fact suck balls.

    I agree. It’s not like there isn’t enough room. It seems to just play into the hands of “team orders” and preferential treatment of one driver or another.

    That was a pretty spectacular track.

  3. I’m amazed at the number of commercials you guys have to sit through! Or fast-forward thru if you recorded it.
    We get 5 x 2.5 minutes, lights to flag. If you’re in Canada you might get the same frequency on TSN, since they get the ITV feed? That’s if you can stomach the ‘Lewis Hamilton Show’ commentary, I’m a Lewis fan and I can’t stand it sometimes…

    Good race on a good track. Okay some of it was flat but this was a street race, in street race terms it was good. Big respect for getting it all sorted first time out with only minor issues to sort next time (i.e. pitlane entry).

    F1’s one pit stall rule is a historic thing and at many venues there isn’t room. I’ve argued on F1 forums for a while now that they could have two wherever there is room for two, and one at the rest.

    One final thing… how did you get the knack for describing everything so succinctly? You can see from this comment that I have real trouble summarising.

  4. I’m usually so angry at TSN that if the show I’m interested in watching is on another channel I will watch it there. (ie: I watch the F1 races on SPEED) (oh and because I adore SPEEDtv’s colour commentary of Matchett, Hobbs, Windsor and Varsha!!)

    ya I figured as much about the pit stalls when I wrote that, but seriously, on the new circuits, there should be two stalls. (of course that would mean two full crews and there are already like 100 guys swarming like bees around those cars LOL)

    LOL. Succinctly. I like that. I often look back on these and think they are horribly lacking in detail and flow. I just write in point form while I’m watching. Sometimes during one of the many commercials, I go back and embellish or fix spelling, but mostly I leave it as is. It’s as if I was sitting next to you watching. These are the comments I would likely lean over and make to you as things happen.

  5. Yeah I’ve never understood how they only allow one pit crew, but that crew is really big.. there’s got to be some space-saving (and cost-saving) potential somewhere. Every new track has a huge pitlane now so only really Monaco has the excuse any more.

    I’ve only been doing notes for about six weeks (feels like all year!). I always worry I’m missing half the race looking away from the TV getting too much detail. I like doing them though, I’m more ‘involved’ in the races than I’ve ever been.

  6. “Webber is done sir! They just turned him around in the pits, and pushed him into the garage.”

    Surprise, surprise….only this time it all blows up with a certain-podium on offer…..

    Keep me posted on the job front Meesh.

    Promise an email to you this week matey.


  7. Neither F1 nor the IRL know how to handle pit stops when the safety/pace car has been deployed. It’s ridiculous. Oops class is starting again. Got to go.

  8. LOL! Hi Joe! Bye Joe!!

    oh and Gary… promises schmomises! (hehehe… like I should talk!)

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