Can’t dance or climb your way out of this one…

oh Helio, Helio, Helio… *shakes head slowly side to side*
This is not good my friend.
Not for you. Not for your family. Not for the series. Not for ABC/Dancing with the Stars. Not for Entertainment Tonight. (who suspiciously did not report on this)

For those who haven’t heard the news, Mr. “I have nothing smart to say” has been indicted for tax evasion along with his sister and lawyer. Oops.

Pretty juicy details in there about off-shore accounts, and schemes and conspiracies…

Even more details here in this official report from the justice dept.

Bottomline is, this is gonna get ugly and embarrassing and I’m thinking that Mr. Penske isn’t going to look too kindly on this and the smear to his company/name by association.

So… a couple of scenario’s come into play:
Will Helio still drive at this weekends Petit Le Mans?
Will Helio be making the trip to Oz (the country not the prison) at the end of the month? (I don’t think they will let him leave the country with this pending)

If the answer is no to both of these questions, then who gets the nod for both rides?
If I’m Penske, I’m putting someone with experience in the cars, and not necessarily the same guy.

Petit Le Mans: Since this is a third entry, I likely withdraw, and throw Briscoe on as a third/reserve driver for my other cars. Barring that, maybe Herta (who is rideless but has experience) or perhaps one of the well versed Grand AM drivers who’s season finished up last weekend.

Surfers: I’m on the phone to PT. (ya ya, biased, but hear me out) PT knows this course, is a street course specialist and now knows the car. Based on his performance at Edmonton it’s a no-brainer. The other option would be Nelson Phillip who is a former winner there, but he hasn’t driven one of these cars, so he’s behind the eight ball comparatively.

At any rate, this is going to be an interesting week…


8 responses to “Can’t dance or climb your way out of this one…

  1. Oh meesh!


    Mr. Penske has “Been there, done that, got the twisted remains of some of his old PC chassis” with The Thrill From West Hill. Ain’t no way he’s sticking THAT tape in the VCR and hitting rewind.

    Possible replacement: Tomas? I haven’t seen Luczo Dragon on the list for Surfers, and with Jay Penske’s driver sittin’ around doin’ nothin’, he might be a choice. Darren Manning? He’s free to, and every once in a while he shines on a road course.

  2. ya ya, I know… can’t blame a girl for trying right? 😉

    I’d like to see Tomas get a shot in top car to see if it really is his bad luck or the equipment.

    I hadn’t thought of Darren, but ya he might work too. (and I believe he has driven at Surfers)

  3. Me, I just told Phil Giebler to start melting his cell phone trying to call The Captain… we all have to push our own candidates, right? 🙂

  4. With all due respect, mmack, you’d like to save Mr. Penske’s equipment by putting Tomas in the car? OK-he didn’t bend a car every race this year, but he isn’t exactly known for being easy on equipment.

    I think The Captain should call Meesh’s SuperFav: AJ. He’ll be bored on the weekends now that he got dumped by Red Bull. How interesting would that be? Plus, Meesh would be soooo psyched about it that it’d generate a ton of posts – no chance of her going quiet for long periods of time.

    I can’t believe Helio would do that. Why are rich people stupid? Don’t they realize how good they’ve got it? Stupid-stupid-stupid.

  5. LOL! wow… my driver allegiances (good and bad) are being called out all over the internet this week!
    Too funny!

    LOL on AJ. Hey I supported him until he and his handlers punked GF, leading to his subsequent melt down. (IMO)

    Not all rich people are stupid. Remember we started the week off talking about the selfless generosity of Paul Newman and the hundreds of millions he gave to charity, sadly we end it with this distasteful story.

  6. Hmm, AJ at Penske. Hehe

    I was thinking of an Aussie who might be out in the cold if things don’t go as planned.

  7. There are many drivers with their helmet’s in their hands. I think Penske will throw someone in short term and then see how things fall out and make a long term decision over the winter.

    Matos is another driver who will have the Capt. on speed dial…

  8. I think after last weekend Seabass might want to call him up and ask about his family…

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