“this one time, at prison dance camp…”

Perhaps our evasive little twinkletoes can put in a request now to be sent to Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Philippines should jail time be required.

Seems he’d fit right in over there.

“Soulja Boy”


“The Hustle”

It’s called humour kids.
We might as well find the funny where we can for now, cause it ain’t gonna be funny as this blows up.


5 responses to ““this one time, at prison dance camp…”

  1. I vote that “Best Blog Title of 2008”

  2. hehehe… I was inspired.

  3. That’s what I’m talking about. Love the videos. And I think everyone who writes a blog about the IRL should thank Helio for giving us something to talk about during the offseason.

  4. LOL! well, I’m sure the League would have preferred something a little less controversial to keep the newswires hopping during the off season… or at least something they could repetitively spin at the beginning of every race in 09. Call me crazy, but I don’t think bumpers going into commercial of Helio in handcuffs and shackles is the “feel good” publicity stunt they are looking for.

    All jokes aside, the trickle down effect and fallout towards sponsorship will be interesting to track. Whatever paltry strides that were made during the transition year were just tossed off a cliff…

  5. You forgot “Don’t tell me you love me (I don’t want to know)”…

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