there’s a few more worms in that can…

According to this post over at The Score, things could get really REALLY ugly not only for IndyCar but for NASCAR.

Apparently, Castroneves’ tax and legal adviser Alan Miller also works with several NASCAR drivers who reside near the top of the leader board. No telling—yet anyway—if Miller has ties to other IRL drivers. A series-wide tax evasion scandal could bring the IRL—or NASCAR for that matter—to its knees.

well, well, well… make some popcorn and put your feet up kids! “The Chase” just took on a whole new meaning…

And talk about ridiculously bad timing too. Guess the government needs to collect all the missing tax to contribute to the 700 Billion dollar Wall Street bailout.

funny shop (cause you just gotta keep laughing)
Thanks to Stan for linking it in his comment at The Score


2 responses to “there’s a few more worms in that can…

  1. Hmmm… NASCAR tracks get tax breaks from the Fed just as Helio is shackled up. What is this F1? I suppose Baseball had it’s steroid scandal, basketball had its gambling scandal, the NFL has Al Davis, so racing is next. They should have started with NASCAR’s illegal operation. Oh well!

    Lost in this is the fact that PT is suing Forsythe. I haven’t read all of your blogs yet. Did you write up anything about that? I saw there was like $2.1+ million owed to PT.

  2. ROTFL! Great ‘shop! All I’ve been doing lately is Rick Mercer Photo Challenge pics….


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