a proud week to be a race fan…


First we have Heliogate, and the potential for a series wide investigation of both IndyCar and NASCAR drivers.

Then we have word that PT has finally filed suit against Forsythe for monies owed. (nevermind the damage done to his career which you can’t equate a dollar value to… but I digress)

Now there are whispers of Lewis Hamilton’s shady real estate deal/

Seriously. Seriously?
This oughta be an interesting night on the Speed Report & Wind Tunnel.

I think the entire racing community needs a giant hiatus. Insane.


4 responses to “a proud week to be a race fan…

  1. Ahh this is nothing compared to a year ago. F1 was falling to pieces with the $100m McLaren fine and allegations of FIA corruption, and the two codes of Indy racing were both going to die unless they got over their own egos.

    All this now is just a bunch of greedy bastards arguing at each other over money. Nothing to worry about. The degrees of right and wrong may vary between them but that’s all it boils down to.

  2. Lewis 100% cleared of any impropriety.

    Ferrari must have been trying to unsettle McLaren as the season winds down.

  3. Nice! Thanks for that update! LOL on Ferrari being behind it! TFF!

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