Silly season contines…

and the musical chairs continues…


(Note: This advisory has been sent on behalf of Luczo Dragon Racing)
WHO: Jay Penske, co-owner Luczo Dragon Racing
WHAT: Introduces new driver and announces LDR schedule for 2009 season

One now has to wonder if this is an additional driver or if Tomas is shit out of luck for 09 as of tomorrow.

guess we’ll see…

EDIT: Apparently Matos got the call, and Tomas got the curb.

EDIT AGAIN: Please tell me how, in this day and age, that a racing team, in the top tier of the American Open Wheel ladder, does not have a website??? Unless there is some super secret way of finding it…


7 responses to “Silly season contines…

  1. I hope they go to two cars and keep Tomas.
    Maybe they went for Manning?

  2. Manning is not a winner, though.
    They need someone who can pull a sponsor.

  3. I’m quite happy for Rafa. 😀

  4. Quite frankly I’m surprised he took that seat. I’ll be interested to see the details of the deal as they start to become public.

  5. You’d have to believe that given their move to full-time status that a website should be forthcoming. If not, then they’re missing out big time.

  6. I’d say I have to believe that the team is capable of much better showings than we saw this season with the part-time status. And after watching Matos hand everyone’s ass to them in virtually every series he’s been in the last few seasons, and the way he put the exclamation point on it at Miller Motorsports Park in the Grand Am finale…I think this could be a real darkhorse next year.

  7. I think any team would have to show improvement by bumping up to full season status as opposed to part time status. (Roth being the exception to that rule)

    I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what that team is capable of and if the drive shafts or the driver was to blame this year.

    I do feel bad for Tomas, because I think he has potential, but like you say, when you’re running only a handful of races, if you have a crash or a mechanical failure, it’s weeks before you have a chance to prove yourself again.

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