well now… that’s gonna leave a mark…

The “WTF were they thinking??” continues in motorsports today with the the lovely announcement that F1, in it’s infinite wisdom, has renaged on the earlier released schedule , and now dropped Canada from the 2009 schedule.

wow. just wow.

Can you say IndyCar to Montreal for 2010?

Legualt isn’t gonna let his track sit empty all summer, that’s for sure, and the Montreal race fans aren’t going to be happy settling for nothing but cabs. Of course he’ll have to plunk down some serious cash and resurface that embarrassing mess of a track. (likely a big factor in the decision to drop the track in the first place)


14 responses to “well now… that’s gonna leave a mark…

  1. IndyCar should race in Montreal in 2009!
    I believe that IndyCar should race there and Vancouver, Toronto, Mosport and maybe Edmonton EVERY YEAR! As a Floridian I used to fly to the ChampCar races in Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal! Very entertaining street races, festivals of speed, cooler-than-Florida weather in the summer and fantastic Canadian race fans and hospitality industry!

  2. That truely blows. It kind of makes sense since there is no USGP with which to share transportation costs. I had no idea that the track was is such bad shape though.

  3. Hey Brian! (like the enthusiasm and as a Canadian fan I thank you for the compliments!)

    I was thinking that too, but I don’t think there is time to add it in, but you never know. It would have to slot in between Texas and Iowa (which logistically and set up wise would be tight) or in the gap in September.

  4. Ya Roger, there was a big stink this year over the condition of the track. Huge chunks of asphalt coming up, last minute repairs, etc…

  5. It’s almost certainly too late for ’09, but Montreal has to be a no-brainer for IndyCar in 2010. A great, racy road course basically in the middle of a large metropolitan area. It’s the best of all worlds. Well, unless you believe IndyCars only belong on ovals. Which I don’t. Anyway, as much as I love Cleveland and Road America (probably my two favorite road courses for watching racing in North America), I’d put Montreal on the schedule over either of those.

  6. I didn’t see this coming at all…
    I mean I know they’ve been announcing the schedule as ‘provisional’ for a while now but I only expected maybe a minor move to bring back the mid-summer break. Turns out they achieved it by ditching a race.

    This has got to be about money, with track conditions not helping. Some reports are saying Legault struggled to meet Bernie’s financial demands (isn’t everyone, outside the middle east?).
    Sorry you guys don’t have a GP any more.

  7. hey ASpeed! Ya, I think it’s too late for 09 as well, but never say never right?

    I certainly am not an ovalista, so I agree on it being a terrific addition to the schedule. I love Cleveland, and think it needs to come back, so if I were to sacrifice any track, it would be RA, unless they get rid of The Glen or Mid-O, or better yet, InfineYAWN.

  8. Pat, isn’t it always about money? Hell, that’s why Legault screwed over Champ Car in the first place.

    Maybe a bit of karmic justice for Mr. L, but it’s the fans and the city who get the worst of it in the long run.

  9. Too bad Infineon is with us until 2011. 😦

    Sorry to hear about this news. You know, I always thought the IRL should have a backup plan in case they can’t reach an agreement with Surfer’s Paradise. Last thing they need is to have a big break that late in the season AND the possibility of a championship being clinched before that break regardless of where the race is being held. Perhaps it’s too late for an alternative but you never know. 😉

  10. Definitely give up on Road America with the current configuration of car. Even though it’s one of the best venues in the country, it’d be kinda embarrassing to have your times put to shame by the other series you’re carding with for the weekend, ‘specially when you’re supposed to be the top tier in North American racing. Cleveland is a “must return”, for sure…always a show worth watching.

  11. If Tony George is too stupid to include Surfers on the calendar, i bet he won’t add MTL.

  12. A lot more than the track was in bad shape on the island – but that is another story.

    Cancellation of this race also affects the usual undercard which has big implications for the Formula BMW Americas series. They have always championed the fact they ran during F1 meetings and this year, they replaced the USGP race with Brazil. They can not replace Canada as there are no other races in The Americas.

    If the Montreal fans can wait to get their fix, at least Grand Am will show them a good time.

  13. ha! I just read that! Guess it ain’t over yet…

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