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It’s Miller time…

Felt the need to share a little RM love just cuz…

One of the reasons I love the guy, is answers like this:

Q: I’m a relatively new fan to the sport, but I hear a lot of people complain about the ugly cars and horrible sound of a non-turbo engine. What is it that makes people think the cars are so ugly? Also, if a Honda F1 car is also normally aspirated, why does it sound so much better than the current Indy engine?

Jim S., Dallas

RM: The Dallara is ugly compared to the CART cars of the 1990s and even the 2007 Panoz. It looks like a boat with its nose plowing throw the wake and that’s not how an Indy car should look. Thirty three of them on the same track in May is grotesque. The engine hurts most people’s ears and that’s not good for the spectators. It doesn’t have to sound like that. F1 engines sound like race engines, not stock car engines on five cylinders.

LOL! Good answer man! Good answer!  For the rest of Robin’s mail bag this week, click here

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Great stuff.