Fuji… *live* … er… nevermind…

I was going to write out my Formula 1 live races notes, but you know what? I don’t feel like it. In fact, fuck it, I probably won’t bother for the rest of the season.

FIA= fucking idiots association

seriously. Why don’t they just give Ferrari the fucking trophy now. In fact, why don’t they just give it to them at the beginning of the season, then just run the rest of the races as exhibitions?

Corrupt fucktards.

I thought the penalty on Hamilton was bullshit, but figured I’d let it slide as they at least gave Massa slap on the wrist too. But to penalize Bourdais?? What the fuck did they expect him to do? Levitate? Pull to a complete stop at the end of pit out and have tea and crumpets until Massa had made his way by?

so ya, what’s the point of giving a play by play? Here it is in a nutshell.
Lap one… clusterfuck… overbraking/overtaking/overcooking/overcompensating.
Points leaders throw it away, get penalized.

Last handful of laps interesting dicing between Kimi and Kubica.
Alonso wins (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Hours later, FIA decides they want Lewis to have to work harder for the championship they probably aren’t going to allow him to win anyway, so they pull a bullshit penalty out of their ass against Bourdais, and gift Massa for driving like he’s in a fucking video game.

Am I going to bother staying up until 2:30 am for the next race?
pffffffft. let me think about that… nope. I’ll just read about it the next day.


13 responses to “Fuji… *live* … er… nevermind…

  1. I’m not sure I’d watch at 2.30am even in normal circumstances.. if it were the first of the year or the decider then I would.. China is a shit GP anyway.

    But yeah this was total bullshit as I just said in the comments to my notes.
    This is like the early part of the decade all over again.
    My fave FIAism is: Ferrari International Assistance. I found a great little anti-Ferrari flag jpg a few years ago, time to dig it out I think.

  2. When IS bourdais going to get a break. He is unfortunately paired with that a—— Vettel. then the FIA goes and screws him in every way possible just to get an *exciting* finish to there nonsense championship. It takes a special kind of talent to win that much in champcar, but all those stuck up euro butts have to always serve not only ferrari but that jerk hamilton everything.

  3. I’ll have the mother of all belly laughs if Kubica wins the title. I’m actually rooting for Hammy but with the way he and Massa drove like rookies at Fuji, it would not surprise me if they do more silly things and it lands in the Pole’s lap.

  4. wouldn’t that just be the ultimate! LOL! That I could live with actually. He deserves it!

  5. OMG. I totally agree that the penalty against Boudais was heinous bullshit! He’s supposed to, what, dematerialize for Massa? It’s not like Massa was the leader and he was lapped traffic. I join in your cries of bullshit.

  6. Seriously bogus.

    If I’m Bourdais, I’m pretty much over my F1 dream after this year of favoritism and bullshit calls against me and am considering the LeMans series.

  7. Agree on Sebass and the LMES. The “idealistic fan” in me wishes he’d come back to this side of the pond to do IndyCars or ALMS (you listening, Audi? Wait, they actually don’t listen to me), but I think he’s probably done with the States. One thing’s for sure, he’s got to have had a gut full of all that can go wrong with an F1 career: fickle machinery, managerial backstabbing, numbnutted officialdom…did I miss anything there?

  8. fickle machinery √
    managerial backstabbing √
    numbnutted officialdom √

    nope, you pretty much covered them all…

    I too doubt he would return to stateside, unless there was a very lucrative offer and great equipment involved. I think euro LeMans is his next step.

  9. I reckon he’ll stick it out for one more year, or at least as far into ’09 as they’ll let him.. Even Scott Speed managed 18 months so he’s got to get at least that far! Plus, Berger is saying better things about him now.

    If he’s doing LM it’ll be with Peugeot, I would think.

  10. Didn’t the Speed broadcast team mention interest from Renault in Seabass ? Though Piquet has shown some…well, if you don’t count when he wads up the car…improvement lately, I have doubts about his return there. And how well it would work being teamed with Alonso (should he stay) remains a big question mark, apparently for many drivers. I’m hoping to see Bourdais get an opp to show how good he is. But F1 is so much shite anyway when it comes to people getting the opp to actually show talent on a level field…kinda like most other series, I s’pose.

  11. I figure that it’ll be Sebastien in the Peugeot for the full LMES series, especially since he ran Le Mans for them in ’07. The Audi in the ALMS thing is just wishful thinking on my part (a way to get to see him drive in person again without having to go all the way to Sebring). I’m just not convinced that even with his increase in competitiveness of late that Toro Rosso is all that interested in keeping him. I think they’ll go with Senna and Sato. They seem to like to park guys when they start to get better: Luizzi, Speed, now Seabass. I’ll believe the Renault rumor as an actual possibility once I see a picture of Seabass in the same room as Flavio and them behaving civilly toward each other (Seabass trying to strangle Flavio does not count).

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I agree. That penalty on Bourdais was ridiculous. Even the Speed announcers thought Massa was going to get the 10 grid spot penalty. Then afterwards Massa has the gall to blame Bourdais. I sure hope Lewis gets his act together and wins this title because if Massa and Ferrari win it I’m done with F1. How is F1 going to claim that Massa is the greatest driver when he had to have help multiple times during the season to steal the title? It’s all BS.

  13. Hey there matey,
    I’m soooo sorry, I truly haven’t forgotten about you – an email will be forthcoming prior to Surfers so keep an eye out for it…….and as for your F1 blog – man do I love a girl who is not afraid to say what she thinks…….keep it a burnin’ baby…..;););)

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