I’m not in the landdownundah…

and I’m assuming many of you aren’t either, so I took the liberty of converting the event times for y’all… (in N.America anyway) so you don’t miss any of the action!

Nikon Indy 300 Schedule:
(all times local Gold Coast) (N.American timezone start times in brackets)

Friday Oct 24 (Thursday Oct 23 EDT)

8:00am-9:30am – Practice #1
(6-7:30pm EDT) (5pm CDT) (4pm MDT) (3pm PDT)
11:20am-12:20pm – Practice #2
(9:20pm-10:20pm EDT) (8:20pm CDT) (7:20pm MDT) (6:20pm PDT)

Saturday Oct 25 (Friday Oct 24 EDT)

9:50am-10:20am – Practice #3 Group 1
(7:50pm-8:20pm EDT) (6:50pm CDT) (5:50pm MDT) (4:50pm PDT)
10:25am-10:55am – Practice #3 Group 2
(8:25pm – 8:55pm EDT) (7:25pm CDT) (6:25pm MDT)(5:25pm PDT)
1:10pm-1:30pm – Qualifying 1A
(11:10pm – 11:30pm EDT) (10:10pm CDT) (9:10pm MDT) (8:10pm PDT)
1:40pm-2:00pm – Qualifying 1B
(11:40pm – 12 midnight EDT) (10:40pm CDT) (9:40pm MDT) (8:40pm PDT)
2:10pm-2:25pm – Qualifying 2
(12:10am – 12:25am EDT) (11:10pm CDT) (10:10pm MDT) (9:10pm PDT)
2:40pm-2:50pm – Qualifying 3 (shootout for pole!)
(12:40am – 12:50am EDT) (11:40pm CDT) (10:40pm MDT) (9:40pm PDT)

Sunday Oct 26 (Saturday Oct 25 EDT)

8:35am-9:05amm – Warm Up
(6:35pm – 7:05pm EDT) (5:35pm CDT) (4:35pm MDT) (3:35pm PDT)
12:40pm-2:30pm – the Nikon Indy 300
(10:40pm – 12:30am EDT) (9:40pm CDT) (8:40pm MDT) (7:40pm PDT)

The race will air live on ESPN Classic at 10:30 p.m. (ET) Oct. 25 and will re-air on ESPN2 at 11 p.m. (ET) Oct. 26 in the U.S.

The race will air tape-delayed on Sunday Oct 26 from 11pm – 1am on TSN in Canada and Monday Oct 27 at 2am on TSN2. (ya, bet the ratings will be through the fucking roof for those! LOL)

Everyone else, check your local listings and convert your own damn time zones! LOL! (www.timeanddate.com is a great tool for that!)


11 responses to “I’m not in the landdownundah…

  1. Hmm, Sky Sports (in the UK) doesn’t have it listed for this weekend, which is strange.. maybe they couldn’t take the late addition to the schedule.
    Not that I have Sky. I’m undecided about watching ‘Leader Cam’ at 4am…

  2. come on Pat!! I fumbled through 2hrs of the most boring F1 race at that time of the morning. You’re not gonna let a girl show ya up are ya? 😉

    I’ll be stuck with “leader cam” myself, but at least we’ll have IMS radio which will keep us awake with their enthusiasm!

  3. Don’t … give … a … crap

  4. That… is… your… perogative 😉

    and your loss imo.

    Hey, with no points or championship on the line, it’s every man for himself out there. Should be a wild race.

  5. What part of “Don’t give a crap” don’t you understand?

    And like I explain to our friend, Ange, if you don’t care about something, you’re not missing anything. Ergo, no loss.

  6. “You’re not gonna let a girl show ya up are ya?”
    Fortunately I don’t live in the 1970s so this doesn’t bother me. 😉

  7. I have to say though… it is tempting…

  8. I’m ready for some racing! 😀

  9. LOL Evan! I swear, I cannot WAIT until 6pm!! I got a call from a friend at the track and just hearing the sound of cars in the background… ugh.. so jealous. (they weren’t our cars, but cars on track nonetheless!)

  10. Thanks for doing this ! My head was spinning trying to convert the times by hand (stupid me, use the internet!).

  11. LOL! no problem! I too was spinning. I had to convert the time zones for the website anyway so I figured I would cross post it here too.

    timeanddate.com is a great tool! Last week I set up a personal clock so I could figure out when my international friends were awake during my day. Pretty handy! especially when you have the urge to call someone and realize it’s 2am their time!

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