Surfers Paradise Practice 1 *live*: we interrupt this hiatus…

for a RACE!!
yes kids, the IndyCars are, as of right now, back on track for 3 days on the Gold Coast of Australia!

We are being treated to the local radio/tv broadcast team, which is awesome. Meesh luuuurves her some Aussie accents! “Welcome to the Neekon Indy 300”
The video is pretty herky jerky, but hey, I’m happy to have shitty video of cars on track, than no video and no cars on track. Ya know?

The drivers are basically doing installation laps for this first practice, getting the feel for the track in these cars, seeing where and when to push.

Already had one faux pas: They haven’t changed their graphics, so it said “Champ Car – Practice 1” a few minutes ago. That’ll have some short and curlies in a twist.

My buddy James Davison is doing a super job of colour commentary.

Classy handling of the Helio situation. Alluded to the controversy without any mention of what it actually is. Said they would not discuss it, but rather concentrate on his driving. Nice.

James is looking to (hoping to) do another season of Lights, win the championship, then move up to the big cars.

A little chatter about sponsorship and the clusterfuck that is our current economic situation.

Justin missed the brake zone. Doesn’t hit anything, continues on.

Now doing a little recap of Briscoe’s accomplishments. I believe we are going to hear a lot about Briscoe, Dixon and Power this weekend.

LOL… the commentators giving IndyCar big ups for the big numbers on the wing. Funny the things that people appreciate.

Nice! James throwing the backmarkers under the bus! LOL! (mentioned that some of Lights drivers/cars have outqualified (comparatively) some of the IndyCar back-markers ) (sad but true)

The roll call of “famous spawn” hehe.

“Dario Judd… I just like to call him that” … LOL… I like this guy.

Will is making large hand gestures while talking to Oriol. Stress will eat him alive this weekend.

Hunter-Reay gets it all wrong, spinning and stopping on track at a very bad angle. FCY

Dixon is getting some big luv from the booth.

Hunter-Reay gets turned around and fired up and heads back to the pits.

A little pitlane interview with Tony Kanaan. He wants to win this race. Right, get in line TK! I have a feeling all of the “returning” drivers/teams are going to get lots of face time this weekend.

And a boatload of the cars are back on track.

“I really miss Paul Tracy” GET IN LINE DUDE!!! *big sad face*

Seems the emotional backing this weekend is for Briscoe. No love for Power??? Come on! Third times the charm! (who are we kidding, he doesn’t stand a hope in hell…) (trying some reverse psychology)

“There’s the great man, Jimmy Vasser!” These guys are great! They are so knowledgeable and excited!

Aww sweet. Sarah Fisher getting some props.

Rahal, Power, Wilson, Hunter-Raey, Moraes (?!),

EJ gets a shout out. “aggressive driver”… hehe.

James is fucking AWESOME in the booth. Good boy! (Hey Gary! Give him a big high five for me!)

oooh… Mr. Judd is throwing the car around out there.

Power, Helio, Dario, Moraes, Wilson

Helio in the run off. Yellow Yellow Yellow…

LOL on the conversation with Wiggy about Viso. “Were confident in his ability to go quickly. We’re less confident about his ability to go too quickly”

Davison: “EJ’s the new Paul Tracy” hehe.. too true my friend.

The mispronunciation of Bruno’s name is driving me nuts

“it’s great to say all 24 cars”
14 cars with a legitimate chance to win this thing.

48mins in: power, wilson, rahal, helio, dario, RHR, TK, Moraes, Tags, Meira.

LOL… these guys are a riot. I hope we get them for the race too!

some discussion of Will’s brutal luck on this course.

Yay! James said it correctly! (Junqueira) good boy!

Good point on bringing the best of both series together moving forward. (technology wise)

Nice a little shout out to Kat! (miss ya girlie!)

“can’y afford to be at all half-assed about it” hehe… sweet! shout out for swearing!

James, just a little encyclopedia in the booth!

OOOPs… Cookie boy becomes intimately familiar with the tire wall. That will end his session. Ouch… that didn’t look like a fun ride.

BWAHAHA! “bad Oriol! bad Oriol!” (I’m totally going to tape the next session, these guys are a hoot)

Interview with the deep gravely voiced chairman of the race. “The race will be back next year”
(not according to sillypony… does anyone subscribe there btw?? I would like to know what his “Aussie Indy is dead” rumour is)

Interesting… they repaint track and redress the walls every night so the track is pristine each day. Another idea I will shoot over to the Toronto team. (sending the free transit ride with race ticket idea too)

James making a good argument on behalf of IndyCar for the struggle with the date and the reason for it. James, if you find yourself without a ride in the future, you could make a go of it in the booth! Seriously.

“man you would not put money on anybody in this race! there’s just so much talent”

“gotta bring the bling” talking about the helmet liveries.

Viso’s car looks mean. hehe.

Carpenter in the wall. Just a tap, but he’s spun and stalled on track.

some big love for Brian Herta.

“that thing had a major attitude problem” LOL! I love their expressions for getting sideways.

LOL… do their graphics only go up to 18?

hehe… Bronte is a card shark! (well they do live in Vegas!)

oops… Tags pushing a bit too hard. Spins and stalls. Manages to just kiss the wall. That ends the session. Tags’ new sponsor gets some major face and chatter time, so it’s not a total loss. Seriously, if sponsors were smart, they would target the backmarkers. (they spin & go off more, thus requiring assistance, thus stopping the action, thus getting camera time, thus being the topic of discussion… its the Figge effect!)

Top 10: Power, Wilson, Franchitti, Dixon, Tags, Kanaan, Junky, Servia, Briscoe, Rahal.
(the Princess is wowing the Aussies in 21st…)

Ok… off to finish making my chili. See ya for Practice 2!


9 responses to “Surfers Paradise Practice 1 *live*: we interrupt this hiatus…

  1. I’m loving the commentary so far.

    Hmm, did not know that about the dampers and their location.

  2. The commentary is great…their enthusiasm about unification and lack of snarkiness about how much better the CCWS cars were (my opinion) are really enjoyable. They seem to hold it all in awe, which is really how it should be, isn’t it?

    Junkweira? Problem, Meesh?

  3. They are really good at the technical gab and the comparisons too. Awesome job.

    I love having a driver in the booth too. There should always be one. (a current on, not one who sat his ass in a car a decade ago so he has no clue anymore)

    LOL! GAHHH!! It’s one of my major pet peeves. (getting names wrong)

  4. Love the list of names making up the top-ten at this point. That in and of itself is cause for happiness for a fan of Indy car racing.

  5. Easy, easy on the “decade ago” thing there, girl…

  6. Wait, he actually likes “I am Indy!” ? Hmm, he’d be the first. 😛

  7. @Mike: LOL… that was for Mr. Goodsnooze, not you!

    @Evan: no shit! LOL! I was in the kitchen stirring my chili when he said that, so I didn’t have a chance to comment.

  8. It’s El-i-o, not Eel-i-o.

  9. LOL. Carpenter’s career “Not exactly littered with great results”

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