Surfer’s Paradise Practice 2 *live*…

… and late.

well.. finally got an internet signal (oh the joys of living in an old building)

Anyhoo… 18 mins left to go, and I’m getting nothing but audio and a really blurry picture of a timing window… odd. oh, there we go… video again.

Apparently Tags didn’t come out on track until just now.

The Penske cars look orange on this video. I keep thinking they are the conquest cars.

Power is on fire! No not literally. He’s just super fast. (my reverse psychology appears to be working. )

AJ Foyt IV has run out of talent in the same place that Tags lost it in practice 1. This may end the session.
geesh… it’s taking quite a while to clear that car off track.

LOL Kim Green. Last time he was here his team was bent over and screwed out of the win.
Nice little pitlane interview. Ha…. Dario is pwning your ass dude.

And we’re green again… about 3 or 4 hot laps if they’re lucky.

LOL… very different smell indeed!

Geesh. That was hardly worth firing it up again. T-Bell ran out of talent. Checkers wave.

Huge gap between Power and the rest of the field. Good on ya mate! He’ll sleep well tonight. (of course he has HOURS to go before he sleeps as it’s only 12:30pm

omg… Ed’s daughter is gorgeous!! Nikon pic of the day. cute.


12 responses to “Surfer’s Paradise Practice 2 *live*…

  1. 1.3 seconds is a pretty sound buttwhuppin’. We’ll see how it holds tomorrow. As they said in the commentary, Oriol will certainly “be keen” to find out what, exactly, Will Power did differently. Probably will sift it down all the way to what he ate for breakfast, too.

    Townsend seems to be resuming about the same place he left off all those years ago in CART…

  2. Loving the Aussie commentary! Will is kicking some tush!

  3. LOL! very true. Wouldn’t it suck if Oriol figures it out and bests Power at the checkers?

    Poor T-Bell. I think he would have better results if he wasn’t swapping in and out of the damn car all season.

  4. I think there should be Aussie commentators all season. 😉

  5. It would suck for Will, and the Aussie fans, for sure…but imho, Oriol has been about the most underrated driver in the ranks for years…I’d be happy to see him just lay down the slap one time.

    Townsend kinda made his own bed, didn’t he? Moments of brilliance tempered with moments of insane moves…like he’d had a shot of Red Mist liquid-courage.

    Listening to these guys is just fun. They add so much enjoyment to the whole thing.

  6. Oriol is definitely due.

    I think Townsend got a raw deal in his first year in CC when he was benched then dumped. (for Oriol ironically) I don’t think he ever had a chance to bounce back completely and prove himself. I can’t remember if that was the same season they practically castrated Haberfeld for driving boldly and almost making Junky cry.

  7. LOL!! I’d forgotten all about that with Haberfeld!! Boldly? Geez…yah, he was a little bit…uhm…pushy, shall we say? Seemed like Bruno was always on the receiving end of someone else’s aggresive moves, and always paid the price…and always looked/sounded like the ducts were ready to break loose at any moment.

  8. LOL! see, again my penchant for the bad boys comes out. That move by Hab’s in St. Pete was great! It just went against what Junky was planning… hehe. Thing is, they came down so hard on him after that, he never drove the same again.

    I think that’s why I appreciate PT and Viso. They are non-apologetic for their driving.

    Bruno… or “blinky” as we so graciously referred to him as. Once he got away from NH/Hampson, his whining stopped, his blinking twitch stopped, he actually smiled and had conversations with you.

  9. Your memory is impressive. I’m “feeling” my age right now… why’d you call me again? 🙂

  10. My memory is selectively impressive. Trust me on that.

  11. Hi Meesh,

    Here is some factoid I found:

    Target Chip Ganassi Racing will make IndyCar history this weekend at Surfers Paradise.

    The team will become the first to run the drivers who have won the Indy 500 and the IndyCar Series title in the past two season.
    2007 winner Franchitti
    2008 winner Dixon

  12. which means Dixon will probably win the thing so that him and DarioJudd will have one more stat in common. LOL!

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