a different perspective…

It’s the middle of the night in Australia… and I’m impatiently waiting for some on track action… and I’m bored… so I’m blogging. Sue me. Oh and a shout out to the folks at Penskeracing Forum and Dooberville Forum. (what the hell is a doober anyway??)

So, many of you, like myself, probably watched the 2002 Surfers Paradise race this week, reminded of that terrifying crash at the beginning of the race.

I saw it unfold live. I watched it over and over again in clips for weeks following. It still gives me chills.
We were very lucky that day.

Today I was sent this link of the crash from a different angle. Holy fuck. Seriously. The overhead and onboard cameras did not convey just how insane that crash was.

Now I’m not one to post crash footage. But no one was seriously injured (thankfully) and it’s really incredible to see it from the perspective of the fans in the grandstand.

Here’s the footage we’ve all seen (no audio on this)

Now here is the new footage.

Un.be.lievable. You never saw from the original footage just how airborne Tags got or the barrel rolls. No wonder it took him a little longer to unstrap from his car.

I’ll say it again. We were so lucky that day.

Here’s hoping for a safe and sunny race this weekend.


8 responses to “a different perspective…

  1. I’m over at the Dooberville forum (LittleAlguy). Thanks for the shout out. đŸ™‚

    Wowzers. Even the worst sounding engine sounds 10 times better than the sound of crumpled carbon fiber.

  2. Ahh! LOL! What the hell is a doober?? hehe

    Ya, that was some serious crunching going on.

    I remember the first time I was in the vicinity of a crash live at the track. Incredible how loud it is and how you physically feel the impact yourself.

  3. I have to admit I don’t know either. lol Embarassing, I know.

  4. For those of us on the Penkseracing forum, thanks too for the shout out.

    Enjoyed your recaps of the first two practice sessions at Surfers!

  5. Hey cool, glad to have you guys looking in! (I always find it fun to explore some of the links in my referrals list on my dashboard!)

    btw, I’ve posted the groups breakdown (I know some of you were looking for that)

  6. Thanks for the groups list. I’ve been looking for that all day.

  7. So have I!!! LOL! (just had to wait for someone to wake up down undah and send it to me!)

  8. I had actually never seen either the race or the incident before… scary…

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