Surfer’s Paradise – Practice 3 – Group 2 *live*

Wow… the camera was on Princess perma-pout, she raised her hand and glared at the lense and we lost the feed!! She hexed it!!

now there are some shrill gals talking about some bands I’ve never heard of…
and now.. nothing.

they are desperately trying to re-establish the video feed… Eureka! Success!!
Good on ya Aussie tv!!

These guys don’t have a clue (musician dudes) They’re like… “what the hell are we doing up at this time of the morning?

OK kids… cars on track!! Session 2 is ON! This is the heavyhitter group now.

Ryan Hunter-Reay gets some face time. (hey! I’m wearing that hat right now!)

Dixon fighting the car, holy saw action.

Dark clouds looming big time now. They’ll want to have a quick time in the practice now as this could set the grid if qualies get rained out.

Dario shoots to the top. 1:35.1

ugh… feed is sputtering again. crap. Ok, back again.

Franchitti, Dixon and Wilson have all bettered the times from group 1.

ooh Wilson breaks into the 1:34’s! sweet!

ok, now Power and Castroneves better the times from session 1.
Power up to 2nd now. (here he comes kids)

A little shout out to Marcus Ambrose lol!

FCY on the session for rain or debris, depending on which pop up you believe.

Power drops into the 1:34’s, just a hair behind Wilson.

Apparently it was for debrise as they are going back out on track soon.

does anyone else get the impression that our video feed is merely a camera pointed at a tv monitor in their booth? Seriously. very weird.

Cars back on track… session winding down. Reports of moisture around the track.

Helio trying to find some pace. Wow! holy oversteer batman!
“Dancing with the Steering Wheel” on that one.

Team Penske getting some nice chatter from the booth.

Session about to be checkered… or maybe not…

and the checkers are out…

Will is on a flyer!
oooh! Dixon in runs out of talent and spins and stalls, yellow flag! So much for everyone’s last laps.

Were this the first session of qualifying, the following six would move on to the next phase from this session:
Wilson, Power, Franchitti, Dixon, Castroneves, and Kanaan (who is waaaaay off the pace)

If the grid is set from practices, Wilson would be our polesitter.

They put the wets on to move the cars from pitlane to the garages boys… :rollseyes: You’d think by now they would know this!! It’s such a basic fact!

Ahh… James giving a shout out to his brother. (a lovely boy, just like James)

LOL… nice planning there… perhaps they could stand a little closer to the speakers so we can’t hear them at all… :bangs head on desk:

Zoinks! that rain cloud looks like a UFO over the track!

Ok… 2hrs or so until Qualies! Woohoo! Hopefully the rain will blow over.
Catch ya in a bit!

ooh.. wait… interview with Will! He looks good. Tanned and well rested.
LOL… he is so laid back.
I agree with will that this will be one of the toughest races, with no points on the line. Bonsai indeed!

Ok… now I’m outta here!


8 responses to “Surfer’s Paradise – Practice 3 – Group 2 *live*

  1. “Princess perma-pout”…LOL, did you make that one up yourself? Perfect.

  2. I don’t think I did, although I’m sure I’ll get credit for it as I get credit for all things evil against Danican’t! LOL!

  3. And the commentary continues from downundah…and it’s great. Carry us all the way up to qualifying, it’s almost like being there…well…sorta.

  4. I’m liking the video feed pre-qualie so far!! LOL. This is great!

  5. Ahhh, nuts! No more bathing suits, and Scott and Bob are on. Oh, splendid.

  6. Open Mic…maybe something entertaining to hear….

  7. Good grief…these guys are as decidedly boring when they’re sitting together before the broadcast as when they’re on air.

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