Surfer’s Paradise – Practice 3 – Group 1 *live*

well… there is about 12 mins to go before the session, so they are providing coverage of the lovely “sheila” who won the Bartercard Miss Indy contest, Marika Vandenberg (sp?) prancing along pit road waving some checkered flags. And the fellow in the booth has been joined by a well versed young lady. (and by versed I mean endowed… holy crap!) This is my cue to take my slightly inadequate self to the kitchen to pour myself a drink and go to the “loo” prior to the start of the session… brb

ooh… some definite rain clouds on the horizon…currently 68F with 64% humidity.

Green, green, green… Penske out on track first (Briscoe)

woohoo! James in the booth again today! G’day mate!

on board the Danicam… (longing for the day when we aren’t subjected to her viewpoint… )

Hey IndyCar camera attatcher dude! there are some talented drivers in the field that would be a lot more interesting to ride along with… just saying is all…

LOL.. Dario getting some face time and love.

woah! Moraes does a little off-roading. Can’t do that in the race young one. Keep it between the lines.

Woah, Junky follows his younger teammate’s example and gets squirrelly…

James is giggly today for some reason. Pretty funny.

Yay! They’re saying Bruno’s name correctly today! (James must have passed along my note! *snicker*)

A little shout out to “Heeelio”. Again classy handling of his situation.

Graham! top of the charts.

James speaks like he’s driven this course… (I’m trying to recall when that would have happened)

E.J! LOL… get er under control my little sparkplug!

Weird to see Servia in that livery. (it’s playing games with my head!)
*sidenote* Gary! Check your email mate! I’m counting on you!

Those cars look like they’re hydroplaning around this course.

Surprise surprise, Will gets some face time! hehe… I would really like to see him get the Surfers monkey off his back. (and get a win this year, or at the very least a podium) Would go a long way for the confidence of the team as well for next year. (oooh… speaking of next year… quite the rant by Gore today regarding the race! I’ll see if I can find the link….)

ugh… those cars are just so ugly. (I knew I shouldn’t watch the 7 days of paradise before this weekend)

Snotty Dixon! Looking relaxed. (and by relaxed I mean smug) He is a strange bird in person. Now I know why they call him “the iceman”

Good point on the pressure not being on Briscoe.

Props to James! Big thumbsup!

LOL… ‘she’s very serious on race day’… (dude, she never cracks a smile the entire weekend)

oops… Vitor ran out of talent.

The boys are losing it in the booth! I’m laughing my ass off along with them. Get it together boys! Or share the damn joke!!!

I love that the young driver is the one keeping the commentary going, while the professionals are choking in the background. :shakeshead:

LOL… the Go Aussie Go banner snapped them back into the moment.

Christ, are the safety team walking to help Vitor? WTF? He’s still sitting there.

LOL James! Calling the boys out on their silly antics. (I’m so going to get the scoop from James as to what the hell was going on)

Group 2 is suiting up as the group 1 session comes to a close.

oops, Ryan kisses the tire on the chicane and narrowly misses the wall. No apparent damage.

Cookie boy laying it out on the edge to see what the car has in it.

As it stands now, these six would advance to the next round:
Hunter-Reay, Briscoe, Servia, Rahal, Tagliani, Viso (woohoo! go EJ!)

On to session 2!


9 responses to “Surfer’s Paradise – Practice 3 – Group 1 *live*

  1. I thought for sure that the Moraes footage was from yesterday. Looked a lot like his mini-off from P2.

  2. Mario is a little wildman, he spends a lot of time in the run offs!

  3. Man, they’re still going with the laughing. Even James called them out. XD

  4. Franchitti, Dixon 1-2. I guess we’ll have to get used to that next year.

  5. I’m not resigning myself to that yet…I’m hoping (a lot) that N/H/L and KV will both be strong enough to challenge the dynasty…Penske, of course…while AGR should have one competitive car all year, while the other three continue to self destruct…I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on Hideki…

  6. JUSTIN!

  7. Heh, that’s true. Even so, I still think that they have to be considered the co-favorites for the title.

  8. Yep. I s’pose so… Chip just always kinda bugged me, so I guess I’m looking for someone (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) to get ’em. I actually like Dixon. Dario (the pre-princess ‘princess’) is alright when he’s not pissy…

    Do I sound like a former CCWS fan?

    Scott? Hey, boys!

  9. LOL! on the pre-princess. (it’s the Andretti effect)
    Like Hampson and the NH drivers.

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