There is about to be some serious gasket blowing…

So, all of a sudden the “watch live now” link on is being redirected to, which is not accessible outside of the good ol’ U.S. of A.

What the FUCK?!?! Are they serious??

It’s bad enough we don’t get to actually watch it on tv up here until TSN decides it wants to air it. (Nevermind that those in Europe get it sometime on Tuesday)

So I’ve been watching every session, taking notes, giving major props and shout out’s to IndyCar for the coverage provided… If I end up sitting here “listening” to a race (if we will even have that option at this point) I am seriously going to reconsider my hobby…

FUCK. I’ve been looking forward to this as an escape from the shit pile that is my life right now.



9 responses to “There is about to be some serious gasket blowing…

  1. You’re not the only one! Comcast is shuttin’ me out of 360 and my current cable package doesn’t have Classic either. I’m feeling quite gypped.

  2. They make it so bloody hard to be a fan sometimes.

    I’ve sent of an email to IndyCar to ask if the video will be made all access come race time, but to this point, I’ve received no response.

    On the bright side we have the IMS Radio broadcast that just started. Not that I planned on sitting for two hours “listening” to a race. (and they are having technical difficulties now too…)

    ugh… beyond pissed.

  3. you should just move state side or get another cable provider

  4. what part of it’s NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA are you not getting. Doesn’t matter what my cable provider is.

  5. then refer to my first suggestion …sorry

  6. I don’t have ESPN Classic on my cable package and Comcast is the only internet provider where I live and I don’t have any ability to listen to it on the radio so I am screwed on this race.

  7. nice to see they’re putting the fans first 🙄

    Can you listen to radio on your computer? Here is the link for the IMS network feed:

  8. meeshbeer, thank you so much for the link for the IMS feed!!!!

    Finish watching the OSU vs Penn St game and the start of the race.

  9. no problem! Glad to be able to help in some small way!

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