Surfers Paradise 08 – the tape-delayed edition…

Ya, I figured I would boot up the ol’ browser and blog along with the delayed broadcast to document all the things I missed. Of course from what I’m hearing, I didn’t miss much… Guess well find out huh?

Instinctively I booted up and the live timing & scoring… oops. LOL.

Opening up the broadcast with an interview with Will… (oh Will… I’m sad for you already buddy)

and 2mins in.. already a commerical. πŸ™„

Wow… picture quality on the onboards is pretty bad. Actually, the picture quality in general is pretty bad.

Gee you think it was foreshadowing that they didn’t put an onboard camera on Power’s car? Like they knew it would be a wasted effort?

Rolling start… lining up nicely, sort of… (why couldn’t Champ Car ever get those right?)

Nice start! (and by nice I mean not waved off and no carnage)
Good job in the first chicane.

wooohooo! go Mario! Dayum boy! that was a sweet spin and go! LOL!

Holy crap! look at the lead Will had… :bangs head on desk:

LOL… @ how excited Jenkins got when Bricoe passed Dixon. LOL … (um… it was ordered there Bob… )

Wow, they just completely ignored Vitor having to pit with damage.

I’m not fussy on some of the camera angles. And they really, really need to work on the scrolling graphics next year. Butt them right up to the top of the screen so we can see as much of the cars on track as possible. It’s like watching the race with a visor pulled down half way over your eyes.

wow… some serious sawing action on those steering wheels. This track definitely tests your driving skills.


back on Lap 5

Funny, the radio guys had a huge hard on for Dashley. Talked about him constantly. He hasn’t even been mentioned on tv. LOL. (probably cause he dropped like a stone from the front of the pack)

Justin all over the back of The Least, and… sweet! an actual on-track pass caught on camera no less and commented on!!

FCY #1: aww… this was when Magnificent Mario the whirling dervish went for an uglier spin and was done for the day. That was all kinds of messy.

This was when the field closed up…


festival of pitting for those not leading… Apparently there was a little game of “pretend to get ready for a pitstop” going on with the leaders crews…
woah! Mario’s shunt from a different angle. Dayum. He got that all wrong.
Obligatory for no reason mention of The Princess… πŸ™„

Green flag and Power is outta there!

Helio and the Princess make contact. Wow… they really struggled getting that nose cone off.
“it has not been a good weekend for Danica Patrick” If I heard that one more time from any of the various commentary I listened to this weekend, I was gonna scream. (oh wait, I did scream!)
and more useless “isn’t she the bestest!!” features. :puke:

my little sparkplug got some nice airtime! Go EJ!


LOL… the Ethanol edge goes to Power… speaking a little too soon on that one.

Another on-track, on-camera pass!! (Servia over Meira)

now on board with The Princess who is all by herself at the back of the field… (why again are we watching her?)

uh oh.. lap 16… here comes “the moment”….
enough of Danica already!!! christ…

oh WILL! geesh… one little moment of brainfade and blamo… it goes horribly wrong. And he just hit the wall again! and into the runoff… guess it really wasn’t repairable. too bad. (of course I have to think if this were still a points race, he would have driven it back to the pits and tried to salvage what he could)

“he’s not in a real talkative mood right now” LOL…


back with Briscoe about to pit…. wow.. that pit exit into that first ess is pretty sketchy.

I love how the tv team completely failed to mention Danica’s block parties on Briscoe and Dixon before their pits. The radio guys were all over that!

DOH.. .LOL… and the pace car throws a block party on Dixon!

oh, here come the circus clowns.
Vision racing decided to hold a team meeting on track, inviting a few other drivers along just for fun.

BWAHAHAHA…. Princess pissy pants in full meltdown! BWAHAHAHAHA! Ok… that was totally worth the wait! hahahah. Look at all the other drivers easily driving around.
Sorry Princess, if you can’t figure out how to drive, you have no one to blame but yourself.

ahh.. there’s the mention of Dashley. Yup, he got screwed by the FCY. (of course he was trolling around the mid-back of the pack… )
*commercial* (geesh… that was hardley worth coming back for)

we’re back and Green, green, green!

still weird to see the Team Australia car on track. (Servia)

LOL.. Ryan makes Dashley sound ancient in his little lifestyle piece. LOL! “I’m one of the big boys now”

Will… aww bless… he looks stunned. “bad, bad, mistake” Just gutted. Poor bastard. I really really hope that that wasn’t the nail in his coffin as far as having a ride next year.


oops… Dashley runs out of talent, hitting the tires in the middle of the track. What the hell is the noise coming out of his car? it sounds like a fucking weed whacker! LOL!

FCY which means *commercial*

festival of backmarker pitting, including Dashley who caused the FCY

green green green…
You really see just how fast Power’s car was when you compare how little the gap is between Briscoe and Dixon comparatively.

wow… RHR all over Tags like a heat rash in the corners and chicanes, but Tags has the advantage in the straightaways.

Helio passes Wilson on track. Which leads to the “tax evasion” interview. hmmm… kinda tacky in the middle of the race. That was a discussion more suited to qualifying or pre-race… IMO.

*commercial* (34 laps complete)

back from commercial with Kanaan climbing out of the car.
ok boys… this isn’t interesting… lets get back on track please…

ahh good, this was the good battle on track. (Viso, Servia, Helio)

Interview with Kanaan… “it is what it is”

oooooooooooh… EJ and Cookie boy putting on a show! Shut up Snotty. You wish you had even half the cajones to throw a car around on track like EJ does. You’re not fit to carry his helmet. Sorry dude.

Go Daddy triviaL question… (answer… Hornish, Wheldon, Franchitti and Dixon fwiw)


back from break with the leaders pitting. Jon shows some enthusiasm that is desperately lacking in the booth.
wow… good for Briscoe’s crew to get him out ahead of Dixon. For ONCE this season the pitbox location didn’t play favorites.

Tags in the lead! Go Alex!

Nice bump and go there Ryan. πŸ™„ Guess he didn’t pay attention in the drivers meeting about pit lane speed limits…

Tags around Viso (I believe that was one of the race control interventions)

ok.. seriously, the scrolling graphics interfere so badly with the visuals. fuck.
LOL… as I type that a HUGE football graphic pops up from the bottom. LOL… I can’t win.


back… on board with Briscoe with about 12 laps to go, now onto the little lifestyle interview.

*sigh* Paul Newman tribute… oh god… here come the tears… PT!! aww Pupo…

and abruptly to *commercial* πŸ™„

EJ getting some more air! (tv air, not physical air)
hmm…. Briscoe had more of a lead on Dixon than it seemed on the T&S.
10 to go and we’re doing a little interview bumper with Dixon.

again, I can’t believe how shitty the picture quality is. odd.

Vitor Meira gets a bit of air time while exiting the pits.
and more football graphics… :bangs head on desk:


did they ever say what happened to Bell? he was just not in the race all of a sudden. Are Buddy Rice and Camara even out there? LOL… I guess the advantage of the smaller fields was that everyone got a mention and some face time.

back with 7 to go. Talk of Foyt IV and Carpenter purchasing go karts to work on their mad road course skillz over the winter. Nice guys, both of whom have shown flashes of potential.

LOL… Penske PR walking pitlane requesting consideration from the backmarkers as the laps dwindle down. (don’t they have blue flags in the IRL?)

*commercial with 5 laps to go*
seriously… Seriously? I feel like I tuned into a commercial festival that took breaks for segments of racing.

back with 3 to go…
Dixon trying to catch Briscoe. ahh.. that’s the tire thing-me that got knocked onto the track.
(I’m far less tense tonight knowing the outcome… LOL)
I’m surprised that Dixon sustained no damage hitting those tires like that.

wow.. Bob Jenkins was really off his game calling this race. Speaking of off his game, Carpenter into the tires. LOL… oops.

Briscoe takes the checkered flag and listen to that crowd! Good on ya mate!


nice graphics over the donuts. EPIC FAIL ON ESPN!!!

Way to push your way in there Jon!! (I love Beekus!)

I love that Ryan is so small they don’t even have to remove the cowling to let him out.

Dear Versus,

See how ESPN handles the broadcasts?
Please ignore and do better.

Thank you
Disgruntled Viewer

… and with that… I complete my coverage of the Neeeeeekon Indy 300.

Hopefully when my Aussie buddy Gary sobers up once the circus leaves town, he will provide me with behind the scenes gossip and antics from the weekend that I will promptly share with you. πŸ˜‰

One response to “Surfers Paradise 08 – the tape-delayed edition…

  1. Roberto Moreno…what a character. I loved his observations on Newman…

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