Red gloves still rule…

At just 24, Greg Moore was a shining star, both on and off the track. Extremely gifted, mature beyond his years, and well liked and respected by everyone in the paddock… the surface had barely been scratched on his potential.

Just weeks before his tragic death, he had announced that he had signed with Penske Racing for the following season. One can only wistfully imagine what he would have accomplished in the years ahead…

In this day and age where drivers & teams make headlines for cheating, and petulant tantrums, and litigation, and mug shots, it makes looking back on what happened and what might have been an even more bitter pill to swallow.

Always composed, always gracious, always smiling.
Gone in an instant. Remembered forever.

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 1

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 2

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 3

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 4

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 5

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 6

The heartbreaking crash and live broadcast announcement

ESPN tribute on the day of the accident

Awesome tribute with tons of race footage


6 responses to “Red gloves still rule…

  1. I was there the day we lost Greg, another moment when we all need to reflect how quickly we can be removed from this world. After that day I had a hard time justifying whether we have the right to put our lives on the line in the name of entertainment. All the people that were affected, whether it was family or fans (. . . a speedway full of broken hearts) or fellow racers, made it hard to argue in favor of. He and all the others are greatly missed.

  2. Man, not even a minute in and I started getting teary-eyed.

  3. I did okay with it until the last season highlights, knowing what was looming. Hearing PT speak in the past-tense. Ugh. I remember Dr. Olvey’s comments from the live broadcast to this day about the efforts on the LifeFlight. Then the emotion started building.

  4. That is a great compilation of footage of Greg, and it’s great to remember just how awesome he was, even if the emotions are very much bittersweet.

    I remember watching his debut at Homestead in my dorm room at college and insisting that my study partner watch the kid in the blue and white #99 car. After following Greg for the previous four years in Lights and F2000, I knew that he was capable of doing very well, but he made me look like some kind of psychic that day. Greg never disappointed during races, even as he was learning his way, and it’s a shame to think about what we missed out on watching: Greg in truly top-flight equipment and probably a ridiculous number of wins over the next decade for Penkse. Just as a fan of his, losing Greg made a huge impact on me, and I can’t begin to imagine how tough it’s been for his family and friends.

    Thanks, Meesh, for bringing back some great memories.

  5. Thanks for the education not only of Greg’s life and career but also of CART racing in that era and how he affected it in his few years racing there. I’m glad you shared these videos and only wish I’d viewed them when you first posted this.

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