F1 – Brazilian Grand Prix – Qualifying – *live*

So here it is, the season finale weekend. All the pettiness, and name calling, and controversy, and embarrassment comes to rest on Sunday afternoon in Brazil. (for a couple of weeks anyway)

Massa says he won’t drive dirty. (ya right) Alonso is still crying into his sangria about last year and being very vocal about his wishes that McLaren and Hamilton don’t do well this weekend. (ever hear of karma dude??)

David Coulthard is making his final career run this weekend.

Unofficially we could be seeing the final runs of several other drivers (Barrichello, Button, Bourdais…) (apparently anyone whose last name begins with a b.. LOL)

Interesting that Hamilton is on race two with this engine and race three with the gearbox. Lots of talk from the booth about him not wanting to push either too hard unless he has to. I guess the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude is in play there.

Qualifying 1 (knocked out)
Nakajima, Button, Rosberg (?!), Fisichella, Sutil.

Rosberg said he knew the car wasn’t where it was supposed to be, but he didn’t expect to run that bad.

It’s a battle between McLaren and Ferrari at the top. Lots of talk of Kimi playing “good teammate” tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll be a little more subtle this time.

Coulthard is running with a special livery this weekend, which if I heard the commentator correctly he had to get permission from the other drivers to do so? (I’ll have to research that a little more)

Woah! Vettel bangs off a time good enough for second! Zoinks! that’ll bunch up a few panties in the paddock.

Kubica is really struggling. What an odd year for him. The senior Red Bull team once again gets shown up by the junior team who both made it to the final session.

Qualifying 2 (knocked out)
Piquet, Webber, Kubica (?!) Coulthard, Barrichello

OK… final session clock is running. Once again Glock takes to the track first. I’ve been really impressed with Timo this year.

Grip is the issue for Kubica apparently (who will start 13th)

The cars are carrying heavier fuel loads now, so the times will drop slightly. Massa and Hamilton are on track now. Massa jumps to the top, much to the enjoyment of the huge crowd amassed.

Both McLaren drivers have made mistakes and are way off pace. Woah! Trulli to second.

The crowd shows their lack of class booing Hamilton’s father when his picture came on the screen.

So the front of the grid following session 3:

Row 1: Massa / Trulli (?!)
Row 2: Raikkonen / Hamilton
Row 3: Kovalainen / Alonso
Row 4: Vettel / Heidfeld
Row 5: Bourdais / Glock

boy howdy, that first lap is gonna be exciting kids! Oh Ya! they are predicting a chance of rain too!

I will be live blogging, but not live, if that makes any sense. I’ll be with a bunch of friends watching, and will have my lap top, but there is no wifi signal where we will be apparently, so I will have to upload the actual blog post race. If something truly spectacular happens, I will blackberry something in the interim.

see ya’ll tomorrow…


6 responses to “F1 – Brazilian Grand Prix – Qualifying – *live*

  1. It’s true. Teammates are obligated by the FIA’s rules to run identical paintschemes, unless all of the other teams sign off on it. This is the reason that BAR ran that goofy split 555/Lucky Strike scheme in 1999. The originally intended to have Ricardo Zonta run a 555 cigarette blue and gold car and Jacques run a Lucky Strike car, both of which looked very cool. Unfortunately, I think Flavio and a couple of other team owners voted against it.

    Enjoy the race!

  2. Ah! Cool!! Thanks for saving me the research!

  3. Ok, so I guess nothing spectacular took place since you didn’t Blackberry in. Sheesh! What else do you want?!

    Woo Hoo!!!! What a race! My goodness I almost had a heart attack.

  4. My jaw is still on the floor.
    Who needs to drink Red Bull with racing like this?

  5. LOL Joe!!! I was too busy pacing and yelling to type! My race blog/recap is now up!

    Pat, I hear ya on that one! Holy tension!!!

  6. Just giving you a hard time. 🙂

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