he didn’t set the world on fire…

but he drove a clean race and actually finished. Could have been worse. Could have been better. But hey, I’m sure the “native of Montreal” is happy with his performance. (WTF?? do your research Waltrip) Newsflash, not every Canadian driver is from Montreal… spaz.

What’s worse than oval racing? Nascar trucks oval racing. ugh. But my allegiance to my fave tough guy meant I spent a better part of Friday night watching a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of, and a handful of guys I have, drive around in a circle, mostly under caution. Good lord… what a snoozefest.
Thankfully I watched on my computer, so was able to supplement the 150 caution laps with some really good programming on the food network. (seriously, “Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives” is some good stuff!)

I don’t know, nor do I care really, who won the thing (come to think of it, I think it was Newman actually) but I do know that Paul finished the race without wrecking himself or anyone else, which is always a good thing, especially in your debut when you are desperately trying to line something up for the upcoming year.

He started 22nd, and worked his way cleanly up to 10th at one point. Shortly after they mentioned that he lightly touched the wall, which I think affected the handling as he began to sink like a stone through the field. Too bad, as he had quite the run going. He finished 20, 3 laps down.

I hope if he decides to go the NAPcar route that he gets himself a Nationwide ride instead of the trucks. At least I could tune in and be interested in the road courses.

In a perfect world, he will find his way back to open wheel… fingers crossed.

4 responses to “he didn’t set the world on fire…

  1. I tried to watch the late rebroadcast on Speed but it was too late…fell asleep and woke up to the veg-o-matic infomercial or some such nonsense. Didn’t hear Michael say Paul was from Montreal…Waltrip rarely allows facts to get in the way of his color-commentary. The most disturbing thing about the broadcast was the pre-race on Speed, with (count ’em) not one, but TWO male pit reporters in full Wizard of Oz female role costume, replete with make-up, doing interviews with drivers…many of whom seemed more than a little taken aback. Ron Hornaday seemed particularly uncomfortable, and I for one couldn’t blame him.

  2. Didn’t you hear? He’s the Thrill from Montreal!
    *smacks Waltrip/Cowardly Lion*

  3. wow… I’m really glad now that I missed the pre-show, and that they didn’t show the booth or the pit reporters while I was watching.

  4. Meesh: congrats on missing it. Fortunately, Waltrip, Parsons, and ol’ whatshisname changed before the race. Krista Voda as the Wicked Witch of the West…okay, except for that screeching impersonation of Margaret Hamilton (Wow…got it right this time!)
    Evan: LOL, presuming he (Waltrip) had ever heard of the “Thrill from ________”, he would have figured it wasn’t Montreal…of course, the Waltrip/Tennessee dialect may have it’s own unique ‘roll off the tongue’ with that combo of letters.

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