Rock your VOTE! *public service announcement*

Ok.. first the serious stuff…
Hey you! yes YOU Americans! Have you voted yet? Are you planning on it? I sure hope so.

I’m not going to presume to tell you who to vote for. (and believe me, I do have an opinion on it!!) And I don’t want to know who you’re voting for! (no really, I don’t want to discuss it!) See, nothing polarizes friendships more than discussions of politics and religion. That, and I’m Canadian, so it’s not really my place. Besides, Canadian’s dropped the ball last month. (not me!! I’m one of the meager 58% of Canadians (all time low btw) who voted in our National election last month) Talk about apathetic. Geesh. Whatever you do, don’t follow our lead…

Voting is your right! It’s your privilege! Make your voice heard. Please. (besides if you vote you can get things like free Ben & Jerry’s and free Starbucks!)
(maybe if someone offered free bacon & maple syrup more Canucks would have voted)

Vote. VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE!! Please Vote. Please.

OK, now for some fun…

Hey, speaking of voting! Get yer arses over to and vote for the Rookie of the Year.
Now, in this case, I’m gonna tell ya who to vote for… E.J. VISO!!
Yes, our favorite little Venezuelan wildman is up for the prestigious award! You don’t get anything for this vote, other than being able to go up to E.J. at the track next season and saying “hey E.J.! I voted for you amigo!!”

Still feel the need to make your voice heard? Well, have I got a deal for you!!
*shameless promotional prodding to commence now*

Nominations have begun for the 2008 Weblog Awards!!

Now we internet keyboard jockeys don’t get a lot of opportunities for glory. Sometimes, if you’re one of the big dogs, (Pressdog, My Name is IRL…) you get shout outs from bigger dogs in podcasts and newspaper articles, and such. But mostly we’re just happy when someone comments on our latest word butchery. So show us some love! Click on the logo in the nominate me section to your right and start dropping some names!

I plan on dropping a couple of votes for my fave pitstops on the information highway. (both racing related an non-racing related) and I’m encouraging you to do the same! There are tons of categories, and while there are no freebies to bribe you with, you don’t have to leave your house or wait in any line ups!

So, to help you out, in case you’re wondering (for the new categories) my Authority# ranking is 5 (LOL! You Will Respect My Authoritah!) (by comparison P-dog is a 14, “da newtch” as referred to lovingly by Yaumb (who is an 11 btw) is a 28! Making us all eligible for Best Hidden Gem! My blog was established after November 13, 2006, so technically I’m still new! And of course there is a Best Sports Blog category (which last year was dominated by those damn stick and ball folks… grrrrr) Maybe if enough Motorsport related blogs are nominated, we can have our own category next year!

Remember, it’s an honor just to be nominated 😉 So if you’re feeling generous, please honor all those peeps who challenge your beliefs, make you think, get your ire up, or just plain make you laugh out loud over coffee in the morning!

Cheers! And ROCK YOUR VOTE!!! (the most important one of course being tomorrow!)


12 responses to “Rock your VOTE! *public service announcement*

  1. ~~Thank heavens for early voting…..(I voted the first day they began a few weeks back….along with 41% of the registered voters in the state of North Carolina over the past few weeks!)……now I won’t have to worry about remembering where my election precinct is!

    ~~As far as the Autosport awards go, I voted for Viso(although I almost voted for either Speed or Vettel)…….

    ~~As far as the Weblog Awards….I’ve already put two nominations in; one for the LiveFast Racing Podcast in the category of Best Podcast, and one for the Pressdog in the category of Best Sports Blog.

  2. Good man on all of the above!

  3. Alright, I put in for Viso, but there is no way he beats Vettel. I like Viso. He pisses people off. I like that. But it is very hard to deny the season Vettel had.

  4. ya, but Vettel is going to have the world handed to him on a silver platter. E.J. could use a boost! 😉

  5. Wow, I’m a “28”? I had no idea that many people linked to my site.

    I guess I should start introducing myself with “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal…People know me..”

    Or not.

  6. Yes, Young Vettel may be handed many things, but let us not forget that he has also been handing things. Take Monza for instance where he handed Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Renault, and Toyota their asses. I’d have included Honda too, but the only team not handing Honda their ass is Force India. Ironically I see more promise at Force India than at Honda, so I’m sure given time Force India will join the Honda ass handing party.

  7. “Sometimes, if you’re one of the big dogs…

    Like kissing suzy kolber and deadspin?

    If not they should be on your list and be fully prepared to be aced out on winning the weblog award.

    For us “little guys” it’s impossible to beat those corporate giants.

  8. nah, I was referring to the Motorsports blog “big dogs”

    Believe me, I certainly don’t hold out any hopes of winning anything.. LOL.

  9. Agreed, you referred to Motorsports blogs. But when the category is “Sports” it covers the two so-called blogs I noted. (“so-called” because they spew out invective and hate by the butt-load and get high ratings because of being part of a large corporate entity.

    Put another way, a “win” is making the list of ten nominated to the voting process.

  10. Oh for sure. My reference to big dogs above was really just encompassing my own little circle of internet friends i.e. I’m a little dog (a fucking chihuahua) by comparison to Bill or Jeff.

    Ya, the Kissing Suzy Kolber blog is pretty disgusting. Hardly a “sports” blog at all. Hate and gossip. blech. And they refer to their blogger award wins as a “meaningless”. Dicks.

    Maybe someday there will be a Motorsports category, separate from the stick and ball sites, & corporately sponsored juggernauts.

    In the meantime we all pat each other on the back in our own way (by linking, nominating, appreciating) which is an award in itself and perhaps the noms will lead some to click on the links and discover us. It’s all good. (heck I’ve already bookmarked a few links in other categories that interested me)

  11. I just went and gave a few +1’s to a few motorsports blogs. Speaking of dogs, where’s Pdog? He’s vanished!

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