Where’s the good news?!?

Where is the off season buzz? the motivation, the anticipation, the growth?!?

The transition year is over. That was supposed to be the hard part…

(Ok, I think I’ve typed enough to now safely swear on my own page and not the sidebar of yours…)


Current economic situation aside… Unification was supposed to fix this bullshit, yet here we are, same shit different season. Politics and scheming, sponsors bailing, good drivers without rides, races disappearing…


I’m so fucking sick of the doom and gloom. I’m sick of building it up and supporting it unconditionally only to have it blow up in my face. I’m sick of having to watch 27 different series via my computer just to watch the drivers I champion, as they are spread out over hells half acres because they can’t get a decent ride in their own backyard in the genre of the sport they should be driving in.

This is supposed to be fun. This is supposed to be my escape. Instead, while my own life collapses around me, I spend my spare time (of which I have waaay to fucking much of right now) writing about the shitstorm that is American open wheel.

Seems like every fucking week another driver’s mugshot is being circulated. Whispers of teams dissolving (Coyne), and drivers unsigned (everyone that doesn’t drive for Penske or Ganassi) permeate behind the scenes.

While we watch what’s left of a once great sport circle the drain, the lunatic fringe are chanting “die, die, die” while hoisting their “we will rise up again bigger and better and newer and truer”.

Get your heads out of your asses! Starting another series is not the answer, it’s not going to fix this. (and good luck with that by the way…cuz apparently Uncle Kev and Uncle “principled” Jerry are not playing nice in the sale of the cossies) That GreenPrix series just got a fuck of a lot more green as right now they are empty chassis’ with zero emissions. So much for that “demonstration lap” in Savannah next weekend eh? (wonder if any of the pie in the skyers noticed that the 3-day event quietly became a 2 day event and all mentions of the demo laps have disappeared…)

I’m tired and I’m grumpy and I’m stressed so I’m venting.

I want some driver announcements.
I want some promotion.
I want some good spin.
I want to see a big roll out from Versus.
I want to know that I will still have a viable open wheel series to follow and enjoy for years to come.

I want… I want this horrible fucking year to be done with.

off to study the in’s and out’s of sports cars as it looks like that’s where all of the my favorite drivers are headed.

wake me up in January…


11 responses to “Where’s the good news?!?

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  2. “while my own life collapses around me, I spend my spare time (of which I have waaay to fucking much of right now) writing about the shitstorm that is American open wheel.”

    Seems like we have much more in common! I was just invited to start writing for a new Motor sports site and I have to tell you writing about this cluster fuck is not really what I need right now. I have enough negative things going on right now and to concentrate and write about more negative shit just might do me in!

    As for Green Prix I heard the hold up is due to insurance problems with a problem with the track. I kind of raised an eye to that because it did not sound right. What you said makes a hell of a lot more sense.

  3. I’m tired also and hardly know what to say. But I was a CART/ChampCar stalwart who bemoans this sorry state of affairs… Watching the Greg Moore story, glimpsing the glorious 1990s made me wistful… Ugh; how far down top-tier open-wheel racing has come… CART racing is gone, many wonderful drivers are gone, and I.R.L. is far from what Tony George intended -or told the world that he intended.

    Rather than a ‘silly season’ we have a sad season. Too much to lament…

  4. I also am completely tired of writing nothing but negative articles but thats all there is right now. When I started this summer things were much better

  5. economy. economy. ecomomy.

  6. Yeah, the ‘unification’ was suppose to fix this. I’m all for drivers squabbling to get a seat but its supposed to be over a bunch of funded rides, not fighting over the last paid drive!
    This isn’t fun to watch.

    I can’t believe Wilson is unemployed, it just doesn’t make sense. RHR as well if it comes to that. I get why Power and Servia are stuck, with the whole Surfers / Team Australia thing. That would’ve happened anyway, the IRL just weren’t seemingly interested in going.

    I guess one more November/December of negative stuff before hopefully some good news in January as you say.

    BTW I’ve never even heard of ‘GreenPrix’..

  7. Apparently, here’s why Versus hasn’t done any promos as of yet, fwiw: http://www.trackforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116362

  8. As a Pac-10 Football fan I’m not looking forward or putting any high hopes into the VS t.v deal. It is bad real bad…

  9. Sorry to hear that your life is collapsing around you. I hope things take a turn for the better.

    As for racing… I’d say the same thing as Brian, so just reread his post as if I said it.

    Hang in there! The future has to be better than this.

  10. thanks Joe!

    I’ve finally got a bit of work (been jobless since Sept) so at least I can start to “rebuild” my collapsing life.

    hey, I look at it this way, things can’t get any worse, so nowhere to go but up right? (at least I hope that’s the case)

  11. I hear ya, Meesh. More than once in the last month-ish I’ve wondered if all the time is worth it.

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