What are the odds…

of having not one, but two of your fellow competitors drive over you? Talk about feeling like an actual moving chicane…

Luckily no one was hurt (other than their pride)

and no, I’m not going to take this opportunity to rag on the “The Least”. (what’s this?!? a kinder, gentler Meesh??) For one, I don’t think he is to blame on this one. Yes, he has made some questionable moves in the past, but there was definitely something off about this start. (stop…start…stop…) Come to think of it, I thought A1GP did standing starts?

I’m actually wishing Marco all this best this season. (no I’m not drunk or being held under duress)
I think the kid has potential. I also think that without The Princess and all her drama milling about the paddock, Michael and the crew will be able to actually concentrate on coaching and developing the youngest Andretti spawn. I think he will learn how to drive aggressively, but cleanly over there, and I think we will see a more mature and accomplished driver return stateside for 09.

On a personal note, I stepped away from the computer and more specifically from racing for a bit after the last post. Just needed a little hiatus. I also, hopefully temporarily, no longer have cable or a dedicated internet feed, so I’m a little limited in what I can follow racing wise. (as much as Speed and TSN piss me off, it really sucks not being able to watch them)

I have managed to pick up some work (thank god!), but the feast or famine story of my life, I now haven’t had a day off since the 12th, and likely won’t see one until January.

At any rate, I’m going to make the rounds and catch up on what’s been happening and do a bit more of an update little later in the week.


7 responses to “What are the odds…

  1. Good to see you back Meesh!!

  2. A1GP has a rolling start for the Sprint and a standing for the Feature.
    Not sure about this year as I haven’t watched it yet, but in previous years on the Sprint starts they’ve tended to hold the lights until they got VERY close to the S/F line before going green.
    I notice Karthikeyan says they’ve had trouble with people doing it all year.. and this clearly wasn’t Marco’s fault. I’m not his biggest fan but I’m also hoping he does well!

    Nice to see ya back!

  3. Likewise, I’m really glad to see you back again. Busy is better than the alternative, right?

    Thanks for posting the video too. Seems I might have been a bit harsh on Marco regarding the incident at the start of the Sprint race.

    They do rolling starts for the Sprint races, and standing starts for the Feature. I’m really enjoying this series.

  4. We miss ya, Meesh, and I agree with Mike: I’d rather feast than fast.

    I haven’t been the biggest Andretti fan but I think that the Least is pretty good. OK, he’s a kid and does dumb shit sometimes, but that’s par for the course. I think he’s actually driven quite well, although he hasn’t been very consistent. AGR in general had a fairly down year, so if the organization can pick it up I think he’ll be up front more often. And, more experience should mean less dumb shit.

  5. Oh – and, I forgot to mention: I think you’re drunk! : )

  6. Glad to have you back. Though I can’t say that I have the workload you have, it does help me to take a break from open wheel news to watch other things as well as to get some A1GP action in (for some reason, my server refused to load the live stream).
    I read that Marco had trouble uncorking the champagne. See, more learning experiences! 😛

  7. ok, who stole Meesh’s password? 🙂

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