“Dear Santa…

All I want for Christmas is for you to somehow PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Enjoy the cookies & carrots.

I mean seriously, come ON!! Just how many more blows are we expected to take? I feel like that blow up Popeye boxing thingy I had as a kid. *smack!* *twap!* *blam!* *whack!* Who knew the intestinal fortitude that would be required to be a race fan in 2008/2009. My gawd, I don’t know about you all, but I’m spent.

No really, I’m zonked, but I thought I should chime in and let y’all know I hadn’t dropped off the planet. I’ve been working like a dog the past couple of weeks (thankfully), with lots of overtime this week, squeezing every last drop of $$ out of this seasonal job. (which is going to end sooner than I care to think about)

This of course means that I’m nowhere near my computer for 10 – 12hrs of the day, seriously limiting my blog surfing and racing news exponentially. The irony of course is that stepping away from it all for a bit actually refreshed me a little. I was starting to feel excited again, looking forward to the new year… but these weekly sucker punches keep taking me down man.

The possibility of employment in racing in 09 seems more far fetched than ever. The chances of me being anywhere near the 24 in January were flushed this week. And now one of the races that I could actually reasonably afford even on a tight budget has been canceled. (my own disappointment aside, I feel bad for the Detroit Grand Prix staff)


oh and what the fuck is up with Formula 1?? It is having an identity crisis of Sybil proportions. It’s like they put 50 “changes we could make” on one of those carnival wheels and spun in succession until they had come up with what they felt was a reasonable number.

double meh…

OH and happy belated B-day to my bud PT. Here’s to bigger and better things for you in 2009.

anyhoo… I can barely focus at the moment, (picture being on a treadmill while flapping your arms, for 11 hours… that was my day) so I’ll refrain from babbling anymore than I have.

Will try to drop in again soon. (will have plenty of time come January… *sigh* )

TGIF! For those beginning their xmas holidays… have fun, be safe.


9 responses to ““Dear Santa…

  1. Thanks. I hope things work out well for you, Meesh. I guess I’ll be joining the “search for work” brigade now that I’m done with college (for now, at least).

  2. This is only just starting. 2009 will not be a fun year both in and out of racing.
    While I’m disappointed to see a race go, I can’t say I’m too upset that it was Belle Isle though I’m sorry it was your nearest race.

    Anyway, on the positive side there is the new Formula 2 series to follow. Did you see one of the first drivers to sign up is Robert Wickens of Canada? New driver announcements are coming through every few days. It’ll be interesting to see where F2 finds itself in the driver market.

  3. the scary part is that the “search for work” pool is about to feel really crowded…

    Pat, Toronto is actually my nearest race. I can walk to that one! hehe. But I did rather enjoy the Belle Isle event. It had a Champ Car feel to it, and I thought the race was pretty good.

    Ya, I’m just getting bits and pieces of news about F2. Hopefully we will be able to watch it here.

  4. Anything available in Indy Lights, Atlantics or ALMS? Spend a year doing that and try get into IndyCar in 2010 when things have settled down? Not that this is an easy plan..
    Toronto should be a good event (again).

    Oh I meant to say on F1 – yeah it’s all gone completely weird! Shit I just remembered I didn’t post about the ban on refuelling in ’10, such a huge change as well. Dammit.

  5. Hey Meesh-meister,
    Have a great Christmas and I do promise to send you a package at some stage in the near future. In all fairness I’ve been waiting for that elusive issue of 321Ignition Magazine to come out so as to include it…….yeah that and the IndyCar people to release a ‘positive’ announcement. To be honest the series is as good as dead and buried here – just a distant memory my friend.
    Keep safe matey,

  6. Pat I doubt there will be anything available that those with experience getting laid off won’t be able to fill. Ya know?

    Toronto will have an uphill battle.

    Gary!! That’s a lot of waiting for you my friend. LOL! Sad that that great event was just tossed aside. A1GP should put on quite a show for you guys though.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Meesh,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Matbe I will to see you around next year at a racing event. I hope you get what you want for Christmas. 🙂 Take care and be safe.

  8. BTW You may want to cross out the Sept. 6 The Raceway at Belle Isle Park from your calendar since it was cancelled so it kind of looks like the schedule I made this year with all but one Champ Car event crossed out. 😦
    My guess is that the dominos have not stopped falling.

  9. At the risk of redundancy:

    Merry Christmas to you, my friend, from Southern California. I hope your New Year is a blessed one and that you’re able to find what you’re looking for, in a good place with good people around you.

    Keep on…peace to you.

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