we interrupt this race blog…

to talk about hockey (hey I’m Canadian Eh!) and say BOOOYAH!!!

The Champions!


Holy crap. This past week I saw some of the most awesome hockey playing, ending of course tonight in the 5-1 win over Sweden to take our 5th Gold in a row!!!

The speed, the skills, the absolute drive to win. Wow. As usual I’m absolutely awed by the Juniors. The NHL pales in comparison, which makes me sad. I wonder what happens between the time they are so young and filled with this enthusiasm and the time they reach the NHL and become boring thugs skating around for a big fat cheque?


9 responses to “we interrupt this race blog…

  1. Here Here! Canada ftw

  2. Do Canadians actually say “BOOOYAH!!!”? Has this particular type of joyous exclamation been approved by Don Cherry?

  3. LOL! well, I felt compelled, since most of my readership are murican’s, to try out an exclamation y’all could relate to!
    (especially since you kid’s didn’t have much to celebrate this tournament… )
    (SNAP! oh no she di-in’t! :headswizzle/finger wave: )

  4. OK, sorry to be American here, but what did Can-a-da win the Gold medal in? I assume it’s some kind of world championship or some such. I love a beauty hockey game, eh, but whatever competition you may or may not be talking about wasn’t on here in the colonies (as far as I can tell).

  5. Might whatever this competition was have involved toques? Or back bacon? If so, I can only imagine that the Canadian organ-i-zation had no real threat from any other nation and swept directly to the championship. Has anybody commissioned The Tragically Hip to write a song about the big win yet?

  6. LOL P-dog. We won, for the fifth straight year in a row, the World Junior Hockey Championships. It was indeed on in your neck of the world. I believe, according to the Canuck’s stateside, that the tournament was offered on the NHL channel.

    SpeedG, there were toques on many of the spectators that’s for sure. And I’m confident mass quantities of bacon were consumed early in the day throughout the tournament. As for the Hip, they are tuning their guitars as we speak no doubt.

  7. Sorry, Meesh. Couldn’t resist. I’d be cool with The Hip writing a song about it, though. They can rock out just about any topic, it seems.

  8. Congrats to Canada on another Gold. …. I watched as much of the world juniors as I could,… away from racing I’m a serious hockey addict. I think the U.S. could have done without Thomas McCollum in goal….just my opinion.

  9. Ya, this definitely wasn’t a good showing for your boys JOWT.

    I used to be a huge hockey fan growing up. (in the 70’s/80’s when hockey was HOCKEY!)

    Now I tend to stick to World cup tournies, and the Olympics.

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