Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

Hanging with the big boys…

My morning has been spent with the voices of Wayne and Garth screaming “we’re not worthy!” (and that weird “doodle-e-doo” thing they do when going into a dream) rolling through my head.

The reason? The most awesome latest offering over at Pressdog! A collaboration between the top IndyCar blogging personalities, a couple of legit “big dogs” in the auto racing reporting schtick, and little o’l me!! (there’s Wayne & Garth again!)

As I started on my assignment this week, trying to come up with real predictions, I was failing miserably. (or at the very least boring myself to tears) So I dusted off my sense of whacky Canuckdian satire/humour and let the words flow. Despite completely second guessing myself, and begging him to just omit my submission, P-dog went ahead and included the whole damn thing, and for that I am honoured and humbled and slightly embarrassed.

oh and the best part is that I don’t have to do a blog entry this week! (hey wait, I just did!)

ok seriously, pour yourself a fresh coffee (or beer, it is Saturday after all) and RUN, don’t walk, over to P-dog’s for the Big Hairy Audacious predictions of 2009!