Silly season kicks into gear…

After a deafeningly silent winter break, the rumors, and now announcements are beginning to trickle in. It’s about bloody time!!

This morning KV Technology announced Mario Moraes. This barely had time to become a rumor, leaked by everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Robin Miller on Speed last night, and confirmed within 24hrs.

Sidenote: Why is it that when Dale Coyne drivers land/find/win/secure/whatever, sponsorship, they take the cheque and go to another team? Fuck, that pisses me off. “Uncle Dale” either gives them their first shot, or saves them from obscurity by rescuing them when they are tossed aside by everyone else, and yet never reaps the “pay it forward” or payback in return. If just one of them stayed with a big chunk of sponsorship, can you imagine the improvements that could be made to that team?? Look at how much they accomplish with what little resources they have!! Sad and frustrating.

Moving on…
Several sources are also confirming with 99% assurance that Robert Doornbos will be announced this week at N/H/L. Sticking a fork in J-Wil’s chances. Also big on the rumour mill, further whispers of N/H/L trying to secure funds to run their former 4-time champ Sebastien Bourdais, should the whinging Frenchman find himself rideless in the F1 paddock soon.

A couple of things come to mind in that scenario. 1) Does this mean N/H/L would run three cars or would Rahal find himself sidelined. 2) if Rahal is sidelined, does daddy pick him up and run him at RLR? 3) Why are they putting so much effort into securing funds for Seabass, but cut J-Wil loose with a “here’s your hat, don’t let the door smack you in the ass on the way out!” 4) Doornbos & Seabass as teammates??? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Rumours are also swirling that Penske has decided to cut bait and that a driver replacement will be announced this week. Top contenders for that ride Wilson & Hunter-Reay. Temperament & winning potential puts my money on Wilson.

I expect now that one driver has been shuffled and set, that the flood gates will open and the announcements and remaining driver shuffling will be fast and furious in the next 2 weeks.

So, where are we at: (confirmed, probable/possible, longshot)

A.J Foyt Racing: Meira
AGR: Kanaan, Andretti, Patrick, Mutoh
Conquest: Tagliani, Camara
Dale Coyne: Junquera, ?
Dryer & Reinbold: Rice, Duno, Bell
Ganassi: Dixon, Franchitti
HVM: Viso, Clarke, Doornbos, ?
KV: Moraes, Servia, Tracy?? (according to Vasser it’s a possibility!)
Luczo Dragon: Matos
N/H/L: Rahal, Wilson, Doornbos, Bourdais
PCM (Rubicon racing?): Dominguez, Papis
Panther: Wheldon
Penske: Briscoe, Castroneves, Power Wilson, HunterReay, ????
RLR: Hunter-Reay (hell the whole team is a longshot at this point)
Roth: Nelson & Richard Phillipe
Sarah Fisher Racing: Fisher
Vision: Carpenter, Foyt IV
3G: Barrett
Walker: Tracy (again, the team is a longshot sadly)

Hang on to your hats kids! It’s about to get bumpy…


7 responses to “Silly season kicks into gear…

  1. If I’m Penske, I’m choosing Hunter-Reay. The series desperately needs an American that can fight for the championship.

  2. I hope you are right about AJ Foyt IV being probable. Have you heard anything more about Vision landing sponsorship for him?

  3. hmm… in that case Chris, why not Rahal (or Andretti?) Go for a recognizable American name with a legacy and real potential.

    (I’m just not that convinced that RHR has what it takes…)

  4. No Billy I haven’t heard anything. It’s looking pretty bleak for him (and a lot of others) but if the car count is slack, then I can see Tony digging into his reserves and putting him in the car, perhaps for just a partial ride.

  5. Nice to see that even in a down economy nepotism is still going strong.

    Look at the list of skilled competent drivers available and looking for jobs in 2009 then realize that Ed Carpenter after 6 years of running Indy Cars has a career best 5th place finish and his best season finished 14th in championship standings.

    You stated you are not sure RHR has what it takes, I can guarantee you Carpenter could never have what it takes, yet he gets a seat.

    {sigh} I know I know, it is not what you know but who you know….

  6. Here is an update to your list of drivers

    Will Power will be in the #3

  7. hey Stone!

    ya, Nepotism will always win out. That said, he does have sponsorship money, something that not a lot of drivers can say. (or else they would be in rides)

    I thought Ed showed a bit of improvement by the end of the season, apparently learning a lot from Tracy and Herta last season.

    Oh and I was off writing the announcement up for the website when you posted the link 😉 but thanks!

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