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Press conference/unveiling *live blog*

I’m going to follow along, not because I think it will be riveting, but because I have to take notes anyway.

and we’ve got some action finally. (been staring at the Borg and reflections of people walking by it)

Briscoe, Power, Cindric & Castroneves have taken their seats.
(apparently the unveiling was earlier… oops)

Funny observation, Briscoe, Power & Cindric all have their hands on the desk in front of them, hands clasped. Helio has his hidden under the desk. A body language expert would have a field day with this.

“looking at it as 3 drivers for 2009″. (only 2 cars though, so you do the math)

They are all very well rehearsed in their answers/statements. (wouldn’t expect any less from the Penske org.)

and the microphone has cacked out just as Helio started speaking… nice. Conspiracy!!! (lol)

ok.. well, this isn’t working at all since I’m not a lip reader, this is a bit of a write off… oops… there we go. Missed a lot of talk though. Hopefully there will be a transcript.

Helio is maintaining his innocence.

Why is it that the guys asking the questions at these things sound like they are 104yrs old?

3rd car for the 500? evasive manuever on the answer by Cindric. In other words, if Helio is back, Will is SOL.

Ah yes, technical glitches galore as usual. I mean it’s not like they’ve had the entire OFF SEASON to prepare and improve and test the technology… :bangs head on desk:

hey, I know that voice! Howdy Robin!

Wow, this really sounds like a sucky deal for Will to be honest. It’s a bit of a crap shoot. If Helio get off Scott free, then Will is on the sidelines. period.

More evasive answers with regards to the details/length of the contract.

ugh… the sound is atrocious. My bonic hearing isn’t working today, so I’m having trouble hearing what little sound we are getting.

Robo Will! LOL! Didn’t understand one word of that, but it sounded hysterical.

and another 104yr old reporter asks the ‘foreigner” question.
ugh… get over it!
There are other countries besides the US that enjoy racing and produce fantastic drivers!

Trial length question: Indictment is about 20days. But no real idea how long this ordeal will last.

Hey! I know that voice too! Sounds like James Davison is doing a little moonlighting for an Aussie media outlet!

and that’s that… I’m not even going to attempt to transcribe my audio feed. I’ll just wait for the IndyCar version.

Aussie Aussie Aussie…

Oy Oy Oy! Well, that came out of left field didn’t it? (hey Gary!! Where are ya mate! Cheers!)

Will Power has landed the most coveted seat in IndyCar at the moment, being tagged to fill in for the legally embattled Helio Castroneves

The wording of the Penske release, leaked by Curt Cavin at the Indy Star earlier tonight, leads me to believe that this is temporary with a capitol T, and should Twinkletoes magically find himself free and cleared sooner rather than later, Power will find himself wandering pitlane with his helmet under his arm, too late to secure a full season ride elsewhere.

Perhaps RHR & Wilson figured that one out and passed on the opportunity. (yes I’m that skeptical that Power was top of the list)

So, now that they are no longer in the running, what becomes of RHR & Wilson. With Doornbos likely confirming (probably tomorrow) that he is locked in at N/H/L, there is that second car at HVM up for grabs…