Aussie Aussie Aussie…

Oy Oy Oy! Well, that came out of left field didn’t it? (hey Gary!! Where are ya mate! Cheers!)

Will Power has landed the most coveted seat in IndyCar at the moment, being tagged to fill in for the legally embattled Helio Castroneves

The wording of the Penske release, leaked by Curt Cavin at the Indy Star earlier tonight, leads me to believe that this is temporary with a capitol T, and should Twinkletoes magically find himself free and cleared sooner rather than later, Power will find himself wandering pitlane with his helmet under his arm, too late to secure a full season ride elsewhere.

Perhaps RHR & Wilson figured that one out and passed on the opportunity. (yes I’m that skeptical that Power was top of the list)

So, now that they are no longer in the running, what becomes of RHR & Wilson. With Doornbos likely confirming (probably tomorrow) that he is locked in at N/H/L, there is that second car at HVM up for grabs…


4 responses to “Aussie Aussie Aussie…

  1. Hmm, one of my favorites replaces another of my favorites (temporarily, at least). I don’t know how to react. :/

  2. I doubt RHR or Wilson said no to even two races in a Penske car unless they have something in the works. Most drivers would give up their children for even one race in that ride. It’s one of eight that have even a remote chance to win in the IRL. Power showed the most improvement on the ovals of any of the street/road-only CCWS drivers last year, finishing P5 (I believe) at Chicagoland. So he’s a good choice.

  3. That’s what the scenario was in my addled brain! (that they had other opportunities in the works, and may have weighed the pro’s & con’s)

    Power is fast, when he feels comfortable, but he is very inconsistent. It’ll be interesting to watch for sure. I would have put my money on Wilson, but since I’m broke… hehehe.

  4. I’m with you on this one, Meesh. Why would RHR or Wilson want to join a team already where the only thing they are guaranteed is pre-season testing?

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