And in local news…

So, it’s Mid-January, it’s so fricken cold here that your eye juice feels like it’s freezing as soon as you walk outside, and the racing season feels like it’s impossibly far away.

But wait! If you live in the GTA (greater Toronto Area) there is a glimmer of race season hope in the form of the:

Brought to you by the terrific folks at Inside Track News Magazine.  It kicked off today, but the meat & potatoes of the action takes place on the weekend (here’s the schedule)  Including the late addition of Monsieur Jacques Villeneuve! (Open Wheel… represent!)

I’ll be up there Saturday and Sunday, wandering around, snapping pics, going to seminars, and gathering news and gossip for here and OOW as well as repping for Level Ten Communications alongside Chris Jameson at our seminar on Sunday. If you’re in the hood, drop by!

In other local news… the interweb is all abuzz with the prospect of my buddy Paul Tracy being considered for KV racing.

I am cautiously optimistic, but it all comes down to money. Lots of it. What’s new??

I have no doubt he will be in a car somewhere for Toronto and Edmonton. They (the powers that be) would be out of their fucking minds to not make that happen, especially for Toronto. (will be touching on T.O. in a future blog)  But I would really REALLY love to see him get a full season (even if it’s just one) so he can have a proper, final, balls to the wall, kick at the can and go out on his own terms.

I guess we shall see…

Anyway, I’ll post some pics and notes throughout the weekend.

3 responses to “And in local news…

  1. I love it when you talk about cold….hehehehe

  2. ya ya ya… it’s all relative!

  3. Jacques Villeneuve nothin’. Ron Fellows is going to be there! That’s actually way, way cooler in my book.

    In all seriousness (and that part above was at least half-serious), enjoy the show. I’ve been to the PRI show when it was still in Indy, and really enjoyed it. This sounds at least as cool.

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