Daily Archives: January 24, 2009

Green Green Green!!

And just like that, race fans worldwide crawled out of their caves, yawned and shook off their winter slumber, grabbing the remote, opening a beer and toasting the start of the 2009 racing season!

All I can say is it’s about bloody time!!

I am going to follow along as best I can, but I won’t be covering it here.

I am instead going to support and perhaps participate in the wee hours (I have an engagement tonight which will take me away from the action until then) over at Furiouswedge’s corner of the interweb sandbox.

They are doing a Bloggathon for the 24, as well as coverage of A1GP and a few other bits and bobs.

Head on over there, and show them some love!

oh, and HAPPY RACE SEASON 2009!! *clinks glass to screen*