looking back… moving ahead…

So last year at this time, my little sandbox on the interweb was the best kept secret out there. My own personal soapbox from which to shout my approval or dismay at the state of open wheel racing, in virtual privacy, with but a handful of eyeballs perusing my words, mostly by accident, or by acquaintance.

Then came “unification” (which will always have quotes to signify how not unified it actually was), which prompted a whole new set of commentary and tags, which in turn put me in a completely different search pattern on google. Zoinks! Can open, worms all over the place! (thanks CJ 😉 )

Suddenly I found myself ensconced, via direct linkage, in the fast paced world of “IndyCar bloggers”, sharing similar stories and opining with the likes of IsitMayyet? and Pressdog… but specifically getting linked to/from some guy named Jeff at “MyNameIsIRL”.

To be honest, we butted heads a little at first. He being true red & blue IRL, and I coming from the black & orange world of Champ Car.

I was so used to having to defend my position over the years during the split, that I immediately got my ire up around him. But a funny thing happened along the way. A silent truce was instantly engaged. We, without statement, agreed to disagree. He allowed me my opinions (no matter how wrong he thought I was), and I his (no matter how wrong I thought he was!)

By mid-season a mutual respect for our individual passionate views grew into a playful comradery and eventually a friendship, and now I can’t imagine my racing circle of friends without him. (I also have him to thank for the substantial increase in traffic! More of you find me via his site than via any other portal! )

So here we are, on the precipice of the 2009 race season, and I had the honour of being invited to be Jeff’s first guest out of the gate on the “I am MINDY” podcast! This is the big leagues people! And on the heels of participating in the “big hairy audacious predictions” summit over at Pressdog! Well, to say I was feeling the pressure would be an understatement. This is like cotillion season for me. Being presented to racing society by some of it’s finest representatives.

To be honest, I gave it a little listen first to decide just how mortified I should be… and whether to link to it, or change my web link and go into hiding.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I think my embarrassment level only reached a high of 3.5 at one point. (and truthfully, I have to give myself kudos for the creative, in-my-head editing I was doing to keep myself from dropping some of my more trademarked… “colourful” language)

Luckily for you all, Jeff was wise enough to “stop tape” when he did, as we went on to chat for about another hour and a half “off the record” LOL! This would have been a 4-parter otherwise. (it was our first time talking without a keyboard, so we had lots to catch up on!)

Anyway, if you’re so inclined, head on over to MyNameIsIRL and give a listen as we put on our “radio voices”, chit chat like two old friends and speculate wildly about the upcoming season.

And if you haven’t already done so, bookmark him dammit!
That’s an order!


14 responses to “looking back… moving ahead…

  1. And if you haven’t already done so, bookmark him dammit!

    Yes madam!

  2. Not only are y’all bookmarked, but you’re coming in loud and clear on the RSS feed! wOO hOO

  3. Very nice! (both of you)

    I need to find myself a good feed reader. Right now I just have my various blogs of interest bookmarked in a folder, but there must be a better, zippier way to play…

  4. Geez, if I’d have know this was a cotillion I’d have bought you a corsage. Really, there aren’t THAT many people listening – not yet at least.

    But thanks again for your participation and your kind words, and I look forward to having you on the show again.

    And for the record, people, the “off the record” part was mostly me asking Meesh more questions about racing personalities. She’s certainly has more than 30 minutes worth of stories in her. If you see her at the track I highly suggest you strike up a conversation with her. You might not get a word in, but you’ll definitely enjoy the conversation.

  5. bwahaha on getting a word in!

  6. Great show, nicely done!
    Good to put another voice to another blogger, even if it was only a ‘radio voice’, and particularly one who gets involved with the teams.

    Just on your comments above, I also think it shows just how much the IRL ‘side’ and CART ‘side’ had in common all along… for the most part..

  7. Great podcast guys, I love the stories, and great description of the Doornbos/Bourdais fun. and man thanks again for the “Blogathon” plug… though I only wish I spent a whole, what is it these days… $10? for furiouswedge.com, hehe

  8. Thanks Pat! and good point on the two “sides” and the commonalities.

    Allen! bwahaha! What an ass I am huh? I didn’t realize it until I listened last night that A) I plugged something that would be in the past, and B) gave the wrong addy! hehe… live and learn right? Podcast newb, what can I say.

  9. By the way, Google Reader is excellent, I recommend it. It doesn’t tie you to where your stuff is, login anywhere.

  10. ha! I started adding my bookmarks to Google Reader this afternoon! thanks!

  11. I listened to the podcast. I could have listened to you two for much longer. 🙂 Too bad I couldn’t have joined in the fun somehow. I have the all-important “sit at home and try to interpret news” demographic, lol.

  12. Nicely done. Used “plethora.” Impressive. No f-bombs and a few Cannuckian “a-boats”. Beauty, eh? What’s that (f-bomb) a-boat?

  13. LOL Evan. hey we’re all basically that demographic! (and it’s equally as important as any) Glad you enjoyed. It was a lot of fun.

    LOL P-Dog! Nice huh?? I like them $20 words. (although that one is really only about $12 bucks) haha… I know! no f-bombs!? But a good stern”it pisses me off” for good measure eh?

  14. That’s true, Meesh. I only meant that I didn’t have the same sort of team access you had with regards to OWW. My closest came when I nearly got run over by Al Unser when I was in Indianapolis a few years back.

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