the day after the night before…

or the wee hours of the night after the day after the night before actually… (damn, insomnia sucks!)

so the Superbowl is in the history books, and though my knowledge of the sport could fill a thimble, I did toss it on around halftime till the end just so I could participate in the watercooler conversations the next day. (I still don’t think both his feet were planted on that catch, but hey, what do I know??)

Anyway, part of the usual post-superbowl discussion is the commercials. I, being from Canada, have to wait until after the game for the ads to be uploaded online somewhere so I can see them all. The highest ranking ones are always the Budweiser horse commercials, but I think that is pure sentimentality at work.

My personal faves this year? Etrade baby! (was my fave last year too) Nextel Roadies at the airport (LOL! being on the road with a band for all those years I’m convinced that would actually work!) “Pepsuber” w/the MacGyver cameo! And the Koala bear getting clocked in the CareerBuilder commercial cracked me up each time.

Most of the other commercials were predictable and frankly… forgettable.
Not something the ad agencies or companies they are hawking want to hear I’m sure, especially with the big bucks laid out for these particular ad buys.

My bud Jeff over at My Name is IRL started up a discussion about the Princess’ Pimp Daddy ad’s last week. I gave my opinion over there (a rather reserved one looking back on it ) and left it at that. As it turns out, the Go Daddy ad’s fell extremely flat this year (resisting…. resisting… and… ok… the moment’s passed) Not only did most race fans find them sub par, but joe Q public reacted with two resounding thumbs down.

Everything else aside, I just think what a wasted opportunity. In this economic climate, when every penny counts, and making the most out of every possible marketing opportunity would seem to be the priority, Go Daddy and the Danica Patrick marketing machine missed the mark big time.

Moving on…

We now have a new season ahead of us, and a new broadcast partner leading the way. This opens up a whole new avenue of marketing opportunities. It’s time for the powers that be to take the focus off of any one entity and focus on the whole. Contrary to popular belief, this series is not about any one driver. Time to move away from that myopic vision and create a proper buzz. I believe, by the examples of the two stingers already produced, that this is the tract they are already on. At least I hope so.

I had mentioned a particular commercial over at Jeff’s, but couldn’t find it at the time.
Well, today, I found it.

This was, IMO, the best commercial of all of the commercials over the years (CART/Champ Car/IndyCar)
It was humorous, interesting, compelling, all encompassing, engaging, personable, and exciting. It introduced the players (ALL of them), gave insight into the product, and left you wanting more.

One can only hope that whomever is in charge of the marketing this year and for the years to come, returns to this way of thinking.

7 responses to “the day after the night before…

  1. Amazing; one can find anything on YouTube. I heartily agree with you that “In this economic climate, when every penny counts, and making the most out of every possible marketing opportunity would seem to be the priority” Indycar teams’ sponsors, drivers’ sponsors, a hoped-for league sponsor, the engine manufacturer, et al ought to ‘market smart’ their involvement in this affordable series with cogent print, radio and TV ads.

  2. p.s. it may not have “scored” well with supposed survey’s but Web tracking services has now reported Godaddy by far has the highest increase in webtraffic of all the superbowl advertisers. Sounds like it worked…

    p.s. don’t forget the Coke Zero ad I honestly thought that may have been the best one.

    and I agree, Budweiser horse ads get worse and worse every year; they aren’t even trying anymore, just going on return recognition.

    But noone (for 2 years now) has wasted more money on the cost of the ad plus ridiculous production costs than SoBe energy drink. Their ads are just complete nonsense.

  3. Exactly Brian!

    Allen: well of course their traffic increased! You HAD to go to the website for the “big payoff” as prompted by the link at the false ending of the commercial.(which was lame btw)

    Coke Zero… thinking… thinking… Oh ya, the spoof of Mean Joe Green… meh… it was o.k, but not the best by any means.

    I want a commercial to either make me laugh, make me cry, make me want to buy or support the product, or ultimately, all three in combo.

    thinking back, I did enjoy the othe Pepsi commercial with the split screen through the eras, that was cool.

    ya, that SoBe add was ridiculous.

  4. The snow globe ad killed me. Two unemployed brothers made that for $2000, TOTAL, and it was the highest-rated in USA Today’s rankings. Bud Horses …. who cares? Horses in love? Seriously? I was one of the suckers who went to GoDaddy to see the “too hot for TV” endings and, ah, they weren’t that hot. Meesh’s posted CART ad is awesome.

  5. isn’t it though??? everytime I come back when someone posts, I play it again just cuz. 😉

    that’s hysterical about the Doritos/snowglobe ad. Another “why didn’t I think of that??” moment…

  6. Ah, good ad. I nearly forgot what a good one looked like. Thanks for that, Meesh. 😀

    As far as getting more marketing opportunities, wouldn’t it help if they had some part of their marketing team in, say, New York? (trust me, I’m not trying to be a homer, lol)

  7. My job employer doesn’t trust me enough to see which comercial you posted, so I have to assume it’s the “Sooo fast” comercial, that was the best. It really created excitement. The Fed Ex De Ferran one was really good too.

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