Celebrations abound!

Two of my most favorite interweb celebutants are celebrating the day of their earthly debut today and tomorrow respectively!

Please join me in raising a frosty beverage of your choice to honour the incomparable Bill Zahren (Pressdog!)
& Jeff Iannucci (MyNameIsIRL)!

You boys don’t look a day over 60! 😉

Party hard dudes!


7 responses to “Celebrations abound!

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm, cake!

    Heading to the supermarket, where I will be stocking up on cake and tasty beverages in honor of a birthday-packed weekend. Happy birthday, boys!

  2. LOL! I may just have to go find a little treat to celebrate with as well! Definitely picking up some mix to enjoy a b-day drink!

  3. *raises glass*
    *sprays champagne in their honor*

  4. Thanks, MEESH? I survived the birthday. I even spent the night of my birth watching Canada’s gift to the sporting world — our local AHL hockey team. Beauty, eh?

  5. You’re WELCOME?


    beauty indeed!

  6. A belated ‘cheers’ to both!

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