good thing I got a new monitor…

Because I’ll be watching the season via computer again.

Lost in the shuffle last week was the “ooh look, here’s the Canadian TV package” article on IndyCar. I couldn’t be bothered to write about it then, as I was having a good week and it’s just more of the same bullshit, different season.

I’m sure none of the American’s actually clicked on the link to see the actual schedule, so here ya go… take a gander at the stellar broadcast schedule that is going to grow the sport north of the border: (I’ve bolded my fave times for ya…)

Monday, Apr. 6 – St. Petersburg Indy –  3:30am et/12:30am pt
Sunday, Apr. 19 – Long Beach Grand Prix – 3:30pm et/12:30pm pt
Sunday, Apr. 26 – Kansas City Indy 300 – 11:30pm/8:30pm pt
Sunday, May 24 – Indianapolis 500 – 12 noon et/9:00am pt
Sunday, May 31 – Milwaukee Indy 225 – 11:30pm et/8:30pm pt
Sunday, June 7 – Texas IndyCar 500 – 12 midnight et/9:00pm pt
Monday, June 22 – Iowa Indy – 12 midnight et/9pm pt
Saturday, June 27 – Richmond Indy – 8:00pm et/5:00pm pt
Sunday, July 5 – Watkins Glen Indy – 1:00pm et/10:00am pt
Sunday, July 12 – Toronto Indy – 1:00pm et/10:00am pt
Sunday, July 26 – Rexall Edmonton Indy – 6:00pm et/3:00pm pt
Sunday, Aug. 2 – Kentucky Indy 300 – 3:00am et/12 midnight pt
Sunday, Aug. 9 – Mid-Ohio Indy – 7:00pm et/4:00pm pt
Sunday, Aug. 23 – Infineon Indy – 5:00pm et/2:00pm pt
Saturday, Aug. 29 – Chicagoland Indy – 9:00pm et/6:00pm pt
Sunday, Sept. 20 – Indy Japan 300 – 3:00am et/12 midnight pt
Saturday, Oct. 11 – Miami Indy 300 – 3:00am et/12 midnight pt

Now in fairness, TSN2, (that most people don’t know about nor get unless they have the souped up digital cable package and pay extra for) is airing the ridiculously timed races live. But unless you’re a diehard fan and know where to search, you’ll never know that.

ya, so when it comes down to it, IndyCar got away from ESPN’s shitty treatment then handed the CDN version of ESPN the broadcast rights to continue the shitty treatment elsewhere…

pffffftttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbttttt! and that’s how I feel about that.

Worse comes to worst, there’s a sports bar down the street that has satellite and free wifi. I figure it’ll be cheaper to go there and buy a few beers every weekend, than to jump through the money hoops to get the races at home. Of course it will depend on what else is on in that timeslot, and the majority vote for the tv remote.

Oh and on Wednesday (two days before tickets go on sale for the Toronto race which you would never know about living here in Toronto… I kid you not) I’ll be at the Media day for the Canadian International Autoshow. I’m curious to see the presence of the Race at the show… (this was the excuse the powers that be used to not to any promotion at the CDN Motorsports expo)

Right now the race is the best kept secret in town…

I’m grumpy today. Gonna stop now.


13 responses to “good thing I got a new monitor…

  1. Which bar? I might join you for a race or two. Since I have Rogers, I can’t get TSN2 and don’t plan on watching races at 3:30 am.

  2. Yep, ya’ll got screwed…it’s like Motegi eight times a year.

  3. Matt! You a T.O. native? (did I know that?!) Whistler’s is my local watering whole., but I’m willing to explore other options.

    LOL Chris! now that’s funny!!

  4. Well, technically, I’m in Oshawa. But I’d be willing to drive a time or two to enjoy a race with a fellow blogger.

    Why would the IRL advertise that they gave us a shitty TV schedule?

  5. cool!

    as to your question… perhaps they think we are all in Pacific time and therefore it’s a reasonable schedule? Who knows… it’s all a little baffling. Of course tv packages are going to be the least of our worries if we can’t get a fucking grid together for the season.

  6. yea, but I think we’ll be alright with a grid. I’m still kind of scratching my eyes out until NHL confirms Doorknobs and Dunno. Those are two cars added to the car count that will firm things up.

  7. Don’t the time zones change as you travel north, too? The folks in Indiana are not all that solid on how time zones and/or changes work, that’s the only explanation I can put together for this. Triple ouch.

  8. They must had forgotten about Airline Savings Time.

  9. Those times are worse than our live times and we’re 5 hours ahead at best.

    In fairness only the diehards know where to find it period, whatever country you’re in.. and I include the US.
    At least they’ve actually announced the CDN package, buried though it is. I doubt we’ll know for sure for 6 weeks yet, not that I get any of the channels it’ll be on, and I don’t have a sports bar option…
    I’ll continue to use the back door option until I can afford Sky.

  10. The American Mutt

    Poor poor Meeshbeer. For the record I did indeed twitter you…I think. I don’t quite get it sadly.

  11. Jeez, what’s up with the epic fail schedules they’re giving Canada? Sorry to hear. 😦

  12. LOL Pat. Sad ain’t it? What’s up with no sports bars in your neck o’ the woods??? MOVE dude!

    Mutt! I saw that you added me on Twtter! It gets a little more intuitive once you start to use it a little more. 😉

    Evan… wish I had the answer to that one bud.

  13. I’d forgotten about one sports pub actually, but the chances of it showing anything other than football (our kind) on a weekend are slim to hell no.
    Indy is possible… Worth further investigation!

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