article photo FAIL

So, I get what they were going for…

the drivers in the pic are all race winners in 2008…

But that big guy in the middle…

the one overpowering the whole photo?

Ya, he doesn’t have a fucking ride this year.

Probably not the best choice for the photo accompanying the article trying to blow smoke up our ass about the warm fuzzy “unification” of open wheel.

just sayin is all…


12 responses to “article photo FAIL

  1. The American Mutt

    It’d be nice if RHR or Brisco was in the shot too.

  2. I think they were trying to even it out and show both “sides” achieving. Besides adding RHR would only add to the Fail factor. 😉

  3. And where’s Wheldon? Where’s the love, man?

  4. ok, so you’re all missing the point, but adding your own “fails” so it’s all good… LOL!

  5. did Wheldon win one in 08? *scratches head*

  6. There’s something about dixon’s finger that bothers me. :looksaround:

  7. bwahaha! and the pictures get better! Part 2 just went up:

    LOL! Look at the skin tones! they look like an orange oreo cookie with a green center.

  8. Did Wheldon win one? No – he won TWO! Behold the power of superior dentistry.

  9. The American Mutt

    Tony better shave off Darios mullet. RHR would have added a bit better contrast. Too much white and red in there.

  10. I’m thankful the Princess is in there, but shocked she’s not FRONT AND CENTER. Yeah, Wilson, tragic. You can’t even say “nice guys finish last” because their not even in the RACE. BASTARDS. (Channeling Meesh): “fucking EPIC FAIL!!!!”

  11. Nice!!! P-dawg with the F-bomb!! Schaaweeeeeet!

  12. You know, I was so busy shaking my head at what Terry Angstadt said in that article that a rideless Wilson being featured escaped me. I guess I failed. 😦

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