In case you missed it…

you missed NOTHING!

What a colossal waste of air time and my time. Seriously. It was basically just a big infomercial with ZERO information of any substance. Most of what was said was pretty much what everyone has been talking /speculating about since word “leaked” that this team even existed. SPEED made a big todo about this Live press conference with USF1 Team Principal Ken Anderson & Sporting Director Peter Windsor, but unless they are more forthcoming with the reporters in their one on ones off camera, it was much”todo” about nothing.

One thing we did learn is that they both have the “side step the question like a politician” thing down pat! Especially when it came to the first question, the one we are all interested in, the “who’s driving” question.

After about 3 minutes of bloviating by Windsor, he finally got around to saying that they are looking at younger drivers  “the next generation”, mentioning a few of the offspring of several F1 drivers. Also thrown in the mix were Rossi & Summerton, then Scott Speed, (who himself has said he ain’t interested) He mentioned that Nascar drivers could be “groomed” and then tossed out the name Kyle Busch. ??? And of course finally mentioning the Princess (gotta keep throwing the kindling on the fire)

Mario Andretti was brought into the discusssion via telephone and immediately began pimping out his grandson. Hey Mario… didja watch the A1GP race this weekend? Do you really think that Marco has what it takes?? Maybe once his testicles drop…

A pre-taped segment featuring Dan Guerny’s opinion on this thing added even less enlightenment, but hey, shout out to DG for being spunky!

According to them, they sold a small part of the team, so they have funding in place. They’ve no preferences for engine suppliers and they don’t seem bothered by the recession. Also, they’ll hire the ‘best most experienced” crew, but not the “best most experienced drivers”?? backwards thinking there…

IMHO, they need to scrap the “U.S Driver” concept. If it happens organically, great. But wouldn’t you want the BEST driver in your F1 debut, not just the one with the “correct’ lineage?

meh… back to watching spring training…


17 responses to “In case you missed it…

  1. Rossi was the name I couldn’t remember. And ya, I got the same impression about Mario trying to sell his ‘products’. Ah, well…I guess we’ll see what comes of it. *sigh* I’m recalling some small wet firecrackers when I was a kid…

  2. so I’m thinking, “why did I choose to send out my driver announcements today when I’ll be up against USF1” … but wait, I have drivers signed and cars to race, so why not.

    Was going to write something else but figured, hey, they’ll be hiring so why piss them off (just yet)

    • yes, your timing is a bit off in that regard, but at least you actually have something of substance to put out…

      hmm so you’re saying I just blogged my way out of a job then? LOL!

      *that is of course assuming that anyone from their end would even find me on a radar*

  3. NASCAR and the IRL can pimp their drivers all they want, but it’s a pretty sad state of American racing when almost none of the drivers are qualified to race in F1. The best American formula for stepping into F1 is no longer around. The IRL is miles off and NASCAR is even further away. The LMP1 and LMP2 classes in ALMS might actually be the best place to look for talent, but they have about as many Americans as the IRL.

    I think Dinger and Speed are far and away the best options, but I doubt Speed will go. Dinger might go. The key to being ‘US’F1 will be who they sign on as their test driver or who they support in the ladder series (GP2, F2 perhaps even Atlantics). Rahal could be an interesting option if he can test and run the IRL. I wonder how Pastrana would do. He doesn’t have an open wheel background but seems to be competitive in whatever he tries.

    Put me down for one vote for PT. Sure he’s old by F1 standards, but he has experience that will come in handy to a new team, he doesn’t currently have a ride, and there won’t be any drama when he has to step aside for the younger drive to reap the benefits of his work. Plus, he’d be fun as hell to watch.

  4. I thought about PT too. Old? Ya, but there’s no shortage of balls to drive it where it needs to be driven, limit-wise. And though he’s a favorite son here in the American open wheel landscape, does he fit as the American driver? Of course, Windsor did say something about perhaps putting a driver in who wasn’t American to help get things up and running.

    Pastrana would be an interesting choice. So would Alex Gurney…the name and talent there both would sync well with the history aspect.

    As I’ve said before, I’m still a bit pissed at the ‘dinger for doing what he did when he left Champ Car, but it would be a good way for me to get over that if he could go do this and ‘bring it’ to F1.

  5. Why do I feel like this was done by the IRL PR department?

    As far as drivers, at the very least, if they are determined to have an all-U.S. driver lineup, they should have an experienced F1 hand that can develop help develop the car.

  6. Here is where they should start test Summerton, Giebler, Daly and see who is left standing. All three of those guys know the tracks for the most part and all can drive and game the best of them.

  7. I think you guys have this all backwards: the best driver in the world can’t win in a piece-of-shit car. And I have a feeling that’s what “we” (i.e., Team America) are going to produce here. What kind of driver wants to showcase his/her talents in a car with an anchor on the back?

    And, besides – there is no car here. Let’s talk when we see four wheels and a steering wheel. And an engine. This new philosophy of “we don’t need money” is a fairly strange one to pursue in racing. Color me skeptical until we see a car on track that isn’t 10 seconds a lap off the pace.

  8. Yeah Sciguy the we don’t need money really worked for Yellow Ribbon Racing.

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  10. One other comment: anyone else notice how this looks like a big Speed Channel publicity stunt?

  11. Ya, it crossed my mind…note Meesh’s opening comment about it being an infomercial…we both cited the same thing, that it was dreadfully short on substance. I suspect Windsor’s affiliation with Speed Channel was the primary motivation for them, since he’s already an on-air personality/contributor…now one of their very own is a principal in the alleged return to the ‘pinnacle’ of motor sports. Since they’re the U.S. broadcaster of F1, it all fits…

  12. Yes – and the shop being down the street from the Speed Channel, despite the fact that it doesn’t really make sense and will cost a ton of their small budget to ship the car overseas. Assuming they build the car, that is…

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  14. Meesh? Meesh? Hello? Testing? We need some Meesh brassy-ness.

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